Gig report: Terror, Wisdom in Chains and Amplified Hate @ Backstage 2017_06_26

Gig report: Terror, Wisdom in Chains and Amplified Hate @ Backstage 2017_06_26

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Pics by: Tina Burgstaller
Text by: Sebastian

There’s a certain genre that drives the audience to its limit, demanding the full commitment to the show.
And the on this steaming hot Monday we had a filet piece of the hardcore genre in Munich. TERROR.

But first there was AMPLIFIED HATE with their amazingly energetic musical demolition right at the start of this perfect lineup.
Pretty well-known locals that gave their utter best to impress the audience with their straight forward hardcore sound that’s reminding you of every genre-band you love. This was a really great opening act and I can tell you enough.
What an amazing choice they were for this event. Yet the audience could have given more into it but I guess most of them did like the songs very much but saved the energy for later. This was definitely needed.

For example: WISDOM IN CHAINS. Yes this was Hardcore again and now you know everything you need to know for the instrumental part, right? Well, not this time. WISDOM IN CHAINS had a lot more to offer than the usual chords and riffing we know from other bands that claim to be in the Hardcore-Movement. There were amazing solos, a voice that had so many layers, I couldn’t really figure out if this is one or three singers. And not that they would have needed any electronic stuff to support the sound. They were just Musicians at their best performing a sound that most people think of as that there isn’t anything to add to it left. But they did the job. And they were brilliant at it.

But nothing compares to our Headliner of this show. The mighty TERROR-crew from the US.
The Moment they entered the stage, people flipped. The party was insane. People kept climbing the stage, jumping down crowd surfing their way back the whole show. In the most sympathic way the charismatic TERROR-Vocalist motivated the crowd constantly to join him on stage and jump back down. So nearly everyone in the audience stage dived from up there at least once. Amazing.
We had all the TERROR hits and lots of songs that haven’t been played that much before but all in all it was a beautiful set of older and newer songs from the Hardcore-veterans themselves. So much energy and passion raining down on us in the most impressive way. Those guys had so much fun performing and did the most of this on this steaming hot day.

Once in motion there was no stopping for anyone in there, whatever temperature it was. The heat was nearly touchable. But still not one soul in the building was tired or bored for a second. One hell of a show – once again …

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