Gig report: W.A.S.P.- Bucharest, Romania 17.05.2023

Gig report: W.A.S.P.- Bucharest, Romania 17.05.2023

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The day of Wednesday 17th was a really tiring one for me, I was feeling almost with no energy and a little sick too, but that didn’t stop me from attending W.A.S.P. in Bucharest at Arenele Romane.

Ok, ”the wild child” was here again, finally, after a few years, celebrating 40 years of W.A.S.P.’s existence, and after the postponed tour due to the pandemic last year, and to be honest, seeing them for the first time was not disappointing at all. And why is that? Well, because Blackie Lawless can still do it, his voice is still working.

You know, some bands/musicians, as getting older, their voice gets rusty and they cannot do it any longer, but most of them, are still doing it, and of course, it’s mind-blowing. When I saw Bon Jovi live a few years ago, sorry but not sorry, he could barely sing, he should have called it quits many years ago. And then, last year I saw the legendary Kiss for the first time, and they really nailed it, Paul Stanley kicked ass and could still sing, not to mention their entire performance was amazing. So in this case, W.A.S.P. is one of the positive examples…

Despite Blackie Lawless’s health problems (a hernia), which led him to perform while seated, didn’t give up and continued the tour. Lawless even addressed to the public that the doctors told him to quit the tour and go home, but instead, he wanted to continue the remaining tour shows, celebrating with us 40 years of heavy metal. And it is quite impressive sometimes when musicians, despite some issues, like health, they are still hitting the stage no matter what, some of them ”would die on stage” if so…

It was nice to hear their good classic songs like ”Wild Child”, ”The Great Misconceptions of Me”, ”Chainsaw Charlie”, ”Animal Fuck Like a Beast”, which is my favorite song, and of course, the well-known ”I Wanna Be Somebody”, but they didn’t play ”I Don’t Need No Doctor”…

I guess I have nothing else to say. I am just glad I got to see W.A.S.P. live, as mentioned, for the first time ever, hope not for the last, who knows, but the show was great, and kudos to Blackie Lawless for his strength finishing a long tour over Europe!


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