Gig Review: Hypocrisy, Septicflesh, The Agonist & Horizon Ignited @ Quantic Pub, Bucharest- October 25th 2022

Gig Review: Hypocrisy, Septicflesh, The Agonist & Horizon Ignited @ Quantic Pub, Bucharest- October 25th 2022

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On the evening of October 25th, I headed to Quantic Pub to finally see Hypocrisy, Septicflesh, The Agonist, and Horizon Ignited.

(I was late a bit) I arrived by the end of Finland’s Horizon Ignited set, I think I caught to see the last three songs, but the Finns slowly warmed up the atmosphere with their energy on stage.

Next up, Canada’s The Agonist, which I must say, really impressed me, I mean, I got to think after seeing their set, how a pretty and delicate woman like Vicky Psarakis can both sing brutal and aggressively, and cleanly at the same time. Of course, she is not the only one but is always impressive. The Agonist set was beyond perfect, I enjoyed them to the max. It was my first time seeing them, definitely, I’d like to catch them on stage soon again, because is worth it. The Canadians warmed up the atmosphere even more.

Right before The Agonist, I went out for some air, and then I realized the crowd of the evening. Full venue, it was a sold-out show, unexpected!

When Septicflesh hit the stage, it was ”impossible to throw a needle”, that full the venue it was, and of course, their performance is enjoyed at the max and always a success by the Romanian crowd. Their setlist was great, as usual, with songs like ”Anubis” and ‘The ‘Vampire From Nazareth”, the crowd went fully crazy. Good performance of the Greeks, not a disappointment at all.

And the last and most awaited, Hypocrisy. Like The Agonist, it was my first time seeing Hypocrisy, I was looking forward to seeing them live too, and like the two previous acts, they were simply amazing.

When they played one of my favorite songs ”Eraser”, I couldn’t ask for more, I expected to hear that and the crowd went crazy hearing this song, not only that, ”End Of Disclosure”, ”Children Of The Gray”, ”Chemical Whore” to mention a few more songs that fit perfectly on the setlist.

Peter Tagtgren is a talented musician and he knows how to catch the crowd’s attention with Hypocrisy. Till the end of their set, the atmosphere was still great, warmed up, like people wanted them to play more, and more.

To conclude, it was a great evening, with amazing bands that all fit together on the bill, and for a sold-out show, it was worth the evening. Looking forward seeing these bands again soon!

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