GOAT WORSHIP signs with Xtreem Music

GOAT WORSHIP signs with Xtreem Music

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Quorthon is dead, but the spirit of early BATHORY still lives in the heart of Hades, only member of brazilian Black Metal one-man band GOAT WORSHIP who have recently inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their debut album.

With only one EP entitled “Doomsday” released in spring 2015, GOAT WORSHIP has already acquired a notorious status within the Black Metal scene showing that they’re one of the strongest heirs to the legacy of BATHORY with their raw, primitive and savage style that perfectly transmits the feeling of the early works of Quorthon. From a one-man band to another one-man band, the circle is closed and GOAT WORSHIP are here to keep the 13 candles burning to praise the return of darkness and evil!

Hades is currently working on new songs for GOAT WORSHIP’s debut album tentatively entitled “Blood and Steel” and planned for a recording during summer 2016. The band uses session members for its live performances, but still Hades remains as the only steady member.


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