HILD – Release Second Single “Hlökk”

HILD – Release Second Single “Hlökk”

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Odium Records announced recently signing the new, unique Swedish band HILD. It’s the new band of Lars Broddesson, known as ex drummer of Marduk and session drummer of Funeral Mist and Black Altar.

You can listen to the second single “Hlökk” here:

Also pre orders have started. You can buy an album at: https://odiumrecords.bandcamp.com or https://odiumrex.com/webshop

Debut album “ValFreiya” is going to be released on October 7th as a 6 panels digi pack and contains 12 songs of violent Thrash metal with Black and Crust influences. The band is deeply influenced by the Nordic mythology and Mysticism.

“Hlökk” means something like “noise” or “vociferation” and in further meaning “ring” or “twang”. Although coming with clang and chaotic clangour, she is felt as a most pleasant force and acquaintance.



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