Interview Age Of Torment

Interview Age Of Torment

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Interview with Shaun, the guitar player of the Belgian death/metalcore band, Age Of Torment.



Hi Shaun. Introduce the band and when it was founded.
Age Of Torment is a modern metal band from Belgium which started back in 2009.

You have 2 albums released until now. Tell me a few things about them.
The first album “Dying Breed Reborn” was released in 2010 via Ultimhate records and recorded with Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness) at the blackout studio (BE). This beiing the very first record it sounds raw and true to itself, exactlly what we wanted it to be at the time: A mix of thrash, melodic death and metalcore. The second album “I, Against” which came out in 2013 on Spinal records & WormHoleDeath (including Japan) was recording, mixed and mastered by Nicola Lomartire at the noise factory (BE, Channel Zero, Epycenter) This album was way more about the vibe and artistic approach, more subtile but yet powerful.

Are you going to release a third album soon?
We’re currently finishing the pre-productions and start to record the new album around september/octobre for a release in early 2017. It’s unlike anything you might have heard from AOT until now, we’re very confident about the new material and hope you’ll enjoy it.Soon we’ll be dropping some teasers to get you in the mood..

When it comes about influences, what are the mainly bands that you are following?
I’m pretty old-school in this to be honest, as it goes for influences which have had an impact on AOT I’d go for bands such as Arch Enemy, Carcass, Goijira,  Slayer, Nevermore…

And the lyrical themes? What are those about?
We always use a clear theme from album to album. Dying breed reborn was about unity, about getting up when you’re down, anger towards what cannot be controlled nor changed. I’against covered a way more nihilistic view on the world and the lives we lead, the contant repitition of mankind detroying itself, a hypocritical vicous circle.

You have shared the stage with bands such as Aborted, Pro Pain, Sepiroth, Black Harvest and many more. What are the nex venues fans can see you on stage?
All upcoming shows can be checked on our facebook page but we’ll be playing a couple of shows mainly in Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland in the upcoming months while focusing on finishing and releasing the new record.

What is Age Of Torment’s main goal received?
If the main goal would be achieved we wouldn’t still be here. To be honest and clear the most important thing is to bring an artistic view and performance to whoever wants or needs to hear it regardless of personal interpretation.

What other plans do you guys have?
As a new album is in the making we’ll be working on new videoclips, further tourdates and a kind of studio diary where you can follow the process of the new album getting recorded.

To quit the interview, do you have a message for all the band’s supporters?
KVLT is coming!

Thank you Shaun, hope to see you one day. Cheers!
Likewise, thank you interviewing AOT!

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