Interview: ANTIGAMA

Interview: ANTIGAMA

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Polish grind metallers from Antigama have released a brand new killer EP, under the name of Depressant, out via Selfmadegod records and so far, this is one of my favorite releases from 2017. Below you can read an interview I had with Sebastian (guitar), who he have talked about the new EP theme, plans of releasing a new video, touring plans for this year and others.

Greetings Sebastian, my pleasure interviewing you again. I want to begin saying that you have released an amazing album, did not expected to like it so much, everything is perfect! Added the EP in my top favorite 2017 albums!
Hi Carla! I appreciate your good words on Depressant. We have worked really hard on this EP and we put a lot of effort in it. All the positive responses make us happy. Depressant is Antigama’s 2018 – fast and uncompromising stuff for non-commercial listeners.

Depressant you have called the album, based from the cover of the album, definitely we can relate all that the main theme of the abum is depression, but tell me deeply about it.
Yes, lyrically the main focus on the album is depression, anxiety, lack of  empathy, emotional swings, psychic torture, isolation – all kinds of bad shit. It’s poetry about the problem of the modern world – the lack of humanity.

Faster, aggresive, the drums are working damn well, every instrument is working, can you describe Depressant in 1 word?

Who wrote the music and the lyrics?
We wrote all the music together with Paweł. There are parts from Seb and Lucas as well – in this band everybody is creative and that’s great. All of the lyrics for ‘Depressant’ were written by Lucas. The process of making music in this band has been the same since the beginning.

You have released ”Now’’ as the first video from the EP, do you have in mind releasing another video?
‘Now’ was directed and produced by Chariot of Black Moth. It’s a very intense and graphic video but pretty much fits to our song. Yes, we are thinking about making another video for a song from  the latest EP. We’re not sure when it’s gonna be released but we’re  working on it.

Definitely, Pavulon is still leading the drums as said earlier, a great drummer, how is it to have him in the band?
Well, Paweł is a strong part of Antigama, a great friend and killer drummer – no doubt about it. It’s just great to have him in the band. He’s a very creative, very hard working person. His drums on ‘Depressant’ are pretty lethal in my opinion.

Any touring plans for the next year? Hope to see you live soon!
Yes, we have plans of touring across Poland and Europe in 2018 to promote Depressant everywhere we can. All is being planned now. Also, a U.K. tour is on the way and more good things will come from us this year.

Between the albums, passed like 2 years to release new ones, exception between 2009 and 2013, do you consider that 2-3 years are enough for you to come up with a good final result of an EP/album?
We are sure that it was a good move before our full length album comes. ‘Depressant’ is a straight burst of energy we’ve created to satisfy our broken souls. It doesn’t matter to us how long it takes to make an album. We prefer quality. And I hope ‘Depressant’ is a quality record.

Thank you again for the interview, cheers and stay metal!
Thank you for the interview!


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