Interview: BANE

Interview: BANE

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Bane is a Black/Death Metal band originally formed Serbia (Europe), now based in Montreal, Quebec. The band has toured extensively throughout 14 countries both in Europe and North America, having shared stages with Sodom, Malevolent Creation, Insomnium, Decapitated, Inquisition, Brujeria, Wolfheart, Uada and  Svart Crown, among many others. They have been published in several influential Metal magazines such as Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance, Metal Injection, Decibel Magazine and No Clean Singing just to name a few.

Okay, so you guys are with Bane, you are originally from Serbia, yes?

That’s right!

Do want to tell us a little bit about the history of the band?

Max: Well, I’m from Montreal, and Branislav is from Serbia. He started the band in Serbia. He moved back in Canada in 2012, and we reformed the band with a new lineup.

What would you say the Serbian music scene was like, was it kind of underground?

Branislav: Very underground, indeed. Not a lot of bands. Some really good bands, but quantity-wise, way less than anywhere in North America, or Europe in general.

You guys were over here touring. Was this your first North American tour or very first North American tour? What did you think of it?

Branislav: Definitely over any expectations we’ve personally had.

Max: It’s crazy. People really support all the bands. People just are really into metal. We are starting to see that the black metal scene is growing in the United States more than ever. So we’re really glad.

So you guys are supporting a new release. Do you want to talk a little bit about the process of writing and recording, and what your thoughts were going into it?

Branislav: It’s the album that definitely took the longest to complete. We started writing a few years ago, and then we had a lot of lineup issues and some other bands in the meantime. So, it kinda got put on ice for a while, but we finally got everything together. I think any band that’s about a decade or so into their career kind of has a more structured, more homogenic product at the end of the day. So, that being said, I think this one will represent Bane the way we all want it to.

What’s the title of it?

Branislav: Esoteric Formulae.

Anything you guys want to say about your influences or your thoughts about where you’re going from here?

Branislav: I mean we always, I, I think at least will kind of want to pay homage to the the mid-nineties Swedish black and death metal bands. I think that’s a common point that all of the guys in the band have, to listen to bands like Dissection, Setherial, Naglfar and Dark Funeral, of course (among many others).  That type of vibe is something that we all just kind of want to keep doing. Because with the expansion of the black metal scene in the US, but also everywhere else in the world, there’s a lot of these new sub-genres that keep appearing. Which we all like …

Max: We like it, but that’s not exactly what we want to do with Bane.

Branislav: Exactly. Yeah. We kind of want to keep that old-school more kind of in-your-face type of black metal, rather than the more slower or more obscure or dissonant type.

Do your lyrics, address any specific subjects?

Branislav: Yeah. We do obviously write about sinister subjects. But, at the end of the day, the point that we want to get across is for any individual to kind of find his own way and form his own beliefs rather than just follow the majority. Personally, what I believe in, I do talk about it and express myself in our lyrics, but again, it’s more of an individual thing.

Anything you want to say about influences or where are you guys started?

Max: Well, I actually joined the band in 2012, so mostly he’s the one that writes and stuff. I’m just a hired gun for him, for a guitar player, and I’m glad. I’m really digging the Bane sound, really into it, and it’s really deep into my influences. I’m just glad to be part of the project.

What would you say your influences are?

Max: My influences are really wide. I’m as much into classical music as I’m into progressive stuff. I actually have a band called Frostbite, which is really progressive black metal. I’m really as much into black metal as a lot of other genres.

Do you have anything that you want to say about the band?

Max: Hail Chaos!

Branislav: Thank you so much for the support!

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