Interview: BANISHER

Interview: BANISHER

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Banisher is very close to finishing the new album, and till then, a few singles have been released, more, after five years, the Polish metallers have completed a tour over Poland, which turned out to be a killer tour, with the new vocalist Jorgi Vanhees, who nailed the stage.
About the upcoming album, new vocalist, more shows, and other stuff, you can read an interview I’ve conducted with Banisher’s mastermind, Hubert Wiecek.

Greetings Hubert, it’s my pleasure talking with you, again! So far, you have released 3 singles from the upcoming album, first, when will the album be released? How will the new album be entitled?
Hey Carla! Super glad to do this interview! So this is kind of complicated, at first we started to work with Eugene (Ryabchenko-drums) on the 5th album somewhere around the end of 2021. We initially did 3 songs, and later on, we were supposed to work on the other songs, but instead of going to record the full album we decided to record 2 songs, then another 2 and we planned to strike with singles every couple of months. Long story short, now we are planning to finish the record. At the moment, I am working on the second half of the album. We are not certain about the name of the album, but I think we will go with Aftermath.

With the new vocalist, Jorgi (Vanhees), I can definitely hear a different sound, it is more aggressive and brutal than the previous songs from Degrees Of Isolation. What was Jorgi’s approach and contribution to the new music?
We are working together on the lyrics and vocal parts. Initially, I am marking the places where I think there should be vocals and giving tips on the way the parts should be arranged. Later he is writing lyrics to what I did.

However, it took you about 4 years to release new music since 2020’s Degree Of Isolation. What’s the reason for it? The covid pandemic might be the main reason…
A lot of reasons, the pandemic, yes, lineup changes, and me waiting for the right moment to come back with shows and new music. I wanted to wait for the perfect moment, which obviously is never right, especially after the pandemic. Anyways, we’re back.

Indeed, the pandemic was hard, and horrible for everyone! Although, as you mentioned lineup changes, can you mention why the previous vocalist Szczepan (Inglot) decided to part ways with Banisher?
He wanted to focus mainly on his band, Shodan. Pretty much, that’s the whole story.

Recently you completed a set of shows over Poland, how was the tour going, and how was the public response to the new songs and Jorgi’s performance?
Jorgi is fresh blood, but he is super talented, and he was nailing the shows like a pro. We’ve put a lot of effort and weeks to be prepared for those shows. This tour was super important for us, cause we didn’t play for over 5 years, so we had to come back in the best shape we have ever been. Super happy to finally get back on the stage with the band!

I bet he nails it! Are you guys planning more shows soon?
Yes, we have 3 more shows in June, post-Aftermath shows. After that, I will be focusing on finishing the album.

Do you think you will complete the new album later this year, eventually even hear it?
I sincerely hope to finish it this summer, so it’s going to be released at the latest at the beginning of 2025. That way, we will have a good reason to tour and celebrate our 20th anniversary.

20 years of Banisher, already? Time flies… What do you consider to be Banisher’s best achievement in all these years?
Still being around and didn’t give up despite tons of obstacles. And now, after 20 years of playing, as well as playing in other bands which were my heroes as a kid now, I know what to do with my own band.

Name which band(s) you would like to tour and share the stage with someday.
Those that I like, and those who bring a lot of audience, haha. Slayer, Pantera, Metallica, Danzig!

Hubert, you have also joined David Ellefson’s (ex-Megadeth) project Dieth, as a live guitarist. How is it to share the stage with David Ellefson?
Pretty awesome! Dave is a great guy, a fantastic player, and my childhood hero! Playing together with the man who recorded your favorite thrash metal album (Rust In Peace) is just beyond amazing!

To end this interview, is there anything else you would like to add?
I just want to say, that I am super happy and stoked to finally have time to focus on my band. I have a lot of energy, determination and so many ideas for the new music. I am way smarter, way more experienced and I feel, that the future will bring so many great things! This band is awaiting a huge renaissance! Be sure to follow us and keep an eye on what’s going on!

Thank you Hubert for your time, I am looking forward to the new album, and also, hope to see you soon, again, this time live with Banisher. Cheers!
Yes! Thank you, Carla, it’s been a pleasure, and hope to see you around!

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