Interview Crepusculum

Interview Crepusculum

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Interview with Baphomet about the one-man Black metal band, Crepusculum.


Hi Baphomet, how are you?
Hello,I’m fine, I’ve just break my personal record and wrenched 220 kg in deadlift.

When did Crepusculum was formed?
In the deadly mists of 2003 came the idea about creating something, but in 2004 i recorded first demo. Very raw and impulsive. I would say, that every track was created instantly and destiny of that material was only to show it to few people and very underground labels, that’s why it was so strictly limited. In the matter of fact it should never appear.

You debuted with the album ”Visions Of The Apocalypse” (2010). Tell me a few words about it.
It was recorded in the autumnal glare of moon with a help of VV behind the drums, better known now from Plaga. The main topic of lyrics is post-apocalypse, fomented by the essence of ancient mythologies,occult and my personal thoughts.

”Illuminatus” is the second album released in 2013, tell me about it.
That album is on much higher level than his precursor.”Visions of the Apocalypse” had very raw sound, because we recorded it in home studio with a less of equipment. But “Illuminatus” was recorded in Monroe, which is a very profesional studio, so I did finally everything almost as I imagined at that time. This is a concept material, which is about “becoming”. Every artwork in it is strictly related with a particular track, and it is more like a book than typical CD.

Are you going to release a new album soon?
I gave myself a lot of time to create that album, but what I can tell you now, it will be very different than “Illuminatus” and also very similar simultaneously. Wait and it will be given to you.

What are the band’s influences?
Ancient mythologies,post-apocalyptic dreams, a lot of various books, quanthum physics and barbarism.

Any lyrical themes?
Everything is on the CD’s which you can still buy at the Odium Records web-lair

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?
No any live shows at this moment.

A message for the fans?
In this year there will be finally available Illuminatus t-shirt, released by Odium Records,stay tuned.

Thank you for the answers, all the best!
Thanks, Solve et Coagula!

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