Interview I.nbreed A.borted D.ivinity (By Carla Morton)

Interview I.nbreed A.borted D.ivinity (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Diabolical Deluge (drums) and Amen (vocals) about the German/Romania War Black metal band, Inbreed Aborted Divinity.


Hails! How things are going?
Amen: Hey! Things are going how they are, nothing new and all seem to be at first sight. I mean about the Black metal scene from Romania, which doesn’t exist in books but it is felt by everybody, I’m ironic. It’s still an ‘’exotic’’ move, a genre we are still at the beginning and we are into a point that we learn what really matters for real to develop into the artistic plan and what you send by the music.
Diabolical Deluge: Things are going good enough, on 18.09.2015 we had a last concert which was a success, we got a positive reaction from the public, an unexpected one. We are ready to prepare a new album, which maybe will be released on February next year.

When did Inbreed Aborted Divinity was founded?
Diabolical Deluge: The band was founded by me on 22nd of November 1999 in Osnabrueck-Germany. After other unprofessional projects started back in 1997, more because of personal reasons than musical, I decided to found my own band, not at all a music project. Things were established before, towards the image and the music. Unfortunately, along the years I greeted many wishers, but powerless, who did not understood the essence to Black metal. After a few gigs, among others, the first gig was in 2002 opening the German Black metal band Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, out guitarist from that time became a pseudo-rockstar who couldn’t handle at all, even after the offert we got from our ‘’acquaitance’’ from USA (demos and tshirts exchange), I mean from the Thornspawn band, also from the Canadians of Black Witchery, who appreciated a lot our creations, and singing to a big Black metal fest from the US. The decision was so hard to kick this guy out from the band, and 3 days before the fest I mentioned earlier, the choice was a benefic one because we could get so embarrassed because of this man. This decision didn’t stop us not moving on. Everything continued on the studio, so in 2004 we decided to record an EP entitled ‘’Die Prophezeiung’’ and same time having a deal with the German label F.O.T.A. In 2005 we entered the studio again recording a new EP/LP entitled ‘’Penitentiam Agite!’’, being released kinda late, in 2007, same via the promoter mentioned above. Then I had a break for 6 years in which we froze all the activity of the band. In 2011 I.A.D was back.


In 2013 you have released the self-titled debut album. Tell me about it.
Amen: Biggest things can be said about the hard work from us in re-founding what was I.A.D in the past, the album came like a ‘’bond’’, a welding between me and Diabolical Deluge, weren’t made any compromises, I went forward with what is I.A.D now, a blend of personalities are the perfect words. The album wasn’t important and what was created when we have done this album. On the other side, the album represents more a wish to exprime on the artistic side our feelings raised day by day, nothing much. The ideolody is something that collect over the years.

Are you going to release a new album soon?
Amen: We will try to release a new album, we think what to offer to the public and what we’ll keep for us. Maybe is a strange thing but we prefer to not spread all. For us is important to have a closeness in what we are doing and respecting each other. What we’ll record would be our choice for what it will “represent” us with that album, what doesn’t matter so much in our ideology.

You have released also two EP’s. Can you tell me a few words about them?
Diabolical Deluge: As I mentioned above, in 2004 we recorded ‘’Die Prophezeiung’’, an EP with 4 tracks full of power and hate. All was concepted about the hate against the religious falseness, which destroys everything in thid world. The EP from 2007 wanted to be inially an album, but from a mistake from the record label, this became an EP, a reason we haven’t agreed with, this is why we got late to promote it, but sadly, this remained an EP. This was dedicated to the Black metal scene and bands from the beginning of the cult, both the sounds and same the concept. The image and the concept were to be connected about the beginning on the ‘90’s when Black metal was still not so known genre in the metal scene. Hail!

What are the lyrical themes and what are I.A.D’s influences?
Amen: We always wanted as the music to be primordial in what are we doing and everyone to mean it different by the personality of what the listeners; we didn’t want to alter this stuff with a written message of the songs. We believe that is enough that music to spread a message, especially the music we do. For those who want lyrics we let them write what they feel on the toilet paper when they are listening to I.A.D. Music must be felt, not studied.
Diabolical Deluge: The whole text is about being against the human being, same the hate. Music spread it all.


Are there any shows confirmed?
Diabolical Deluge: We have two concerts confirmed on 18th and 19th of November in Craiova and Tg. Jiu. After the incident that had been to that club in Bucharest everything is unknown about shows in Romania. We hope to have shows. We are trying to get more, because nowadays this is a way being promoter and supported. Nobody buys the albums at all, in Romania you can count the collectors or the supporters who buy CD’s etc.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Amen: Hahahahaha…We don’t have fans, we don’t ask for this. All we do we do from pleasure.
Diabolical Deluge: We have supporters from the past, today I was just contacted by an Austrian hahahah who, talking about, told me he has all the band’s discography and he would like to get the new album aswell, which surprised me positively.

Thank you both for your time, cheers and hails!

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