Interview: Invisible Mirror

Interview: Invisible Mirror

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Swiss metallers from Invisible Mirror have released their second album entitled as On the Edge of Tomorrow via WormHoleDeath records. The album was supposed to be released about 2 years ago, but the band had line-up changes and managed as this year to release the album. Below is an interview I had with Ricky (bass) about the new album, the line-up changes, touring and other Invisible Mirror plans.

Hi Ricky, nice talking with you again. How are you? We had an interview before in 2015 where we have talked more general stuffs about Invisible Mirror and also you have mentioned back then that you have signed with WormHoleDeath records but actually this year you have released your second album entitled as ”On The Edge of Tomorrow”. Why took all so long since 2015 to release the album?
Hi Carla, thanks. I am doing very well thank you. Well the thing was that during the album production we had different line up changes. We parted ways with our former singer and our guitarist left the band. So the whole thing got on hold for a little while. It took us a little bit to find our new singer Chris, and thanks god we did. Once Chris was on board of course we kind of had to rearrange some vocal lines and melodies, that again took time. But that‘s not even it. Later during the vocal recordings different circumstances that were out of our control forced us again to put the thing on hold for a few more weeks.

The band got line-up changes aswell and you got Chris on board as vocalist, how is he fitting in the band so far?
Exactly. Chris fits perfectly really. We couldn‘t ask for a better fit than him. He‘s got a phenomenal voice in various ranges. He can do a lot of stuff with his voice. I don‘t know he just makes the songs sound so much richer and rounder, but also on stage, he fits the band image and has a great live performance. That‘s all cool, but the most important thing is that is an awesome person and the chemistry is right. So we in our eyes we really hit the lottery with him.

Now let’s talk more about the album, on what musical direction you went through it and what would be the main theme of it?
Well the vision of the direction of the album was very clear from the get go. We sat down with our both producers Dani Löble from Helloween and Connie Andreska ex Mystic Prophecy and knew right away. We wanted to create a powerful in your face sounding record. The songs are more to the point, less progressive and as I said „in your face“. As far as the production goes we wanted the album to sound as natural as possible. So there‘s no samples or triggered drums, same goes for all the rest. The album has a certain rawness in its sound, it‘s organic and real. It‘s breathing and in my opinion has a certain live feel to it.

What abou the cover artwork, it looks interesting… What does it suggests and who made it
The album artwork was done by Colin Marks for Rain Song Design. I think it‘s an awesome piece of art. It basically should represent the „good and evil“ , „dark and light“ kind of thing you know. So if you look at the details for example, there‘s a storm going on and the clouds are dark. If you look in the mirror you can see the reflection of beautiful hills, grass and the sun. Behind the dark and stormy sky you can see the light coming out etc , so yeah that was basically the idea behind it.

For the first track of the album, ”Frozen River” you have shot a video, how was the making of it?
The making of the video was fun. We invited all our friends to be part of it. So the people in the chapel are all friends of ours. The story behind the song and the video is when memories are sealed and gone forever. You can‘t relive them. That of course can be a tragic event or just a simple goodbye a divorce etc … so that‘s what we tried to bring on the screen with this video.

Are you guys thinking to shoot a new video for another song or maybe a new lyric video?
Yes indeed. We are planing to release another video. I don‘t know yet about a lyric video but what we would really love to to do is a live video or just a video with our live performance, because I believe that our performance is our biggest strength and It would great to release something like that.

 You shared the stage in the past with the known death metal band, Six Feet Under, how was that experience?
That was definitely one of the best experiences we‘ve ever had. That was a great tour. Great shows, awesome venues and we met so many cool people on that tour. But also as you mentioned sharing the stage with such a legendary band. We had a blast.

Then soon you will do a tour in the Central Europe along the Russians from Pokerface, too bad you won’t come in my country to see you, but hope for it soon, he he. after this are you planning another tour?
Yes we‘re out on the road soon. Really looking forward to these shows. It‘s gonna be freaking amazing. Unfortunately we are not booked for this year‘s summer festivals, so we are gonna take the time to work on a bunch of different stuff, like new songs, videos etc .. We plan more shows through Europe in the fall of the year.

What other plans do you guys have next beside touring?
Playing and touring is definitely our main plan right now. Of course we will keep working on new songs and new material, we already wrote a bunch of new songs. Then the video will keep us busy as well haha. I will also be in LA for few months to do some band business stuff. So yeah we are very excited for the future.

Cheers Ricky, again thank you for this interview and hope to see you soon on the road! Rock on!
Yeah! Thank you very much for you interest in our band, it‘s been a pleasure once more talking to you. I really hope one day we‘ll play in your home country. Take care!


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