Interview JINJER (by Droll)

Interview JINJER (by Droll)

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A short time ago your new album King of Everything was released. Are you satisfied with King of Everything as an end-product? The sound, mixing, engineering etc.?

We 100% satisfied with all we have done on this record, starting with songwriting and finishing with mixing and mastering. It is definitely a new level for us in all the respects. Moreover, Max from Morton studio where we recorded the album did an incredible job, we appreciate him a lot. The artworks reflect the vibe of the album completely… so I can say we managed to make a solid piece of art. 100% complete.

What do you want to say with it? Is there some message?

It does have the message. We as humans were born free and happy. No attachments to religion, state, society. We are free to choose our way, to express ourselves, free to act as we want to (unless we harm one’s existence). But once we were tricked by some «king», were fooled and enslaved. According to King of Everything they are several. Choose yours:
– Time (“Captain Clock”)
– Past and other individuals left behind (“Just Another”)
– Censorship (“Words of Wisdom”)
– Ideology (“Sit, Stay, Roll Over” & “Under the Dom”)
– Money and power (“Dip a Sail”)
– Personality itself (“Pisces”)
“I Speak Astronomy” was written as total opposition to those «kings». It is ruled by physical laws which are natural.

A few words about album’s cover: what does it mean for you? Why exactly this art?

At the beginning we planned to make a drawing which I started to prepare myself displaying a throne with a crown hanging on it. It was standing on a hill of million hands stretching up to grab the crown. But we had a little time to accomplish the idea, so we decided to ease the case and make a photo session for the throne with a dead rat on it. King of Everything symbolizes everything that rules our lives and makes us dependent on. And the dead creature shows that all those «kings» exist in our minds and we can always tell them «Go to hell!».

As I know, you didn’t plan to record a long play. Why have you changed your decision? What were the things that pushed you to record an album?

You are right, last Autumn when Napalm Records offered us a contact we had only a couple of song a for a short EP, but the label need only a long play, minimum 40 min. So we discussed it within the band and decided to prepare the album in the shortest terms ever.
We had to compose 7-8 songs during four months. But the band managed to accumulate all the energy, creativity and inspiration. To some extent, it was a positive pressure – we made a very sincere album, we didn’t have time to work out the material for a year or so. We expressed what we had in us honestly.

The signing with Napalm Records was a surprise for you?

Absolute surprise, we didn’t expect it at all. The EP was planned to be released independently; we were about to remain a 100% DIY band. So one mail changed everything. It is funny but right after Napalm contacted us, we received ten more offers from other labels all around the world including some big ones, but Napalm was the first.

What is it, working with such a famous label?

It is just awesome. We feel like a part of something big and great! They are such a wonderful crew. We learn a lot from them, their professionalism inspires and motivates.

You had long tours last years. Where would you yourselves like to go with a tour or a concert?

We would like to tour everywhere! Just all around the world. Of course it would be fun to get where we haven’t been yet, like the USA, UK or Japan, but also we’d love to go to some places which are not often visited by metal bands. It will be cool to play a show in Mongolia for example, one day.

You have seen a lot of fans from different countries and cities. Is there a difference between the fans in different places?

Both yes and no! At the same time they are own fans, and this unites them, but they are different anyway. In some countries people tend to listen more – they stand still, but they are totally into music; in some countries people gonna smash their heads in the moshpit which is also great, unless they stay safe of course.

How do your relatives take such a long trips?

Oh, we live far from our families, so they don’t really suffer from our tours. The only exception is Eugene, he is married and has a son, but he copes really well with this, he is a great father. And I think his wife supports him a lot too.

Did you have some extraordinary, unexpected or funny situations during your tours? How did you cope with it?

Dozens of them! We crashed once, then our van broke down, we had to push it through the border control, we got lost several times, and had to drive through country roads, forests and mountains in Transylvania!!! Once we crossed the Russian border illegally at night, in snows, our ex-drummer was deported from Poland, ’cause he expired his visa for just 6 hours, we stayed at anarchists’ squad in Switzerland for several days and had great time there. Once we were almost late for our set at a big festival, arrived just two minutes before it had to start, performed and didn’t even understand how it happened. So when you tour and play about 70 gigs per year, there are a lot of funny situations.

On the assumption of your experience, what would you advice to young musicians that going to a tour?

Stay strong, be prepared for everything, eat more soups, drink less alcohol and sleep as much as you can.

Take the lid off: how do the songs born in a band?

In different ways: some songs are completely written by the guitarist Roman, some are combined together by the whole band with pieces composed by all members separately, several are written by the bassist Eugene. The guys make music, make pre-production records and then I write lyrics and come with the vocal lines.

Who and what inspires you as a musicians?

I think that other music generally, or concerts we visit. And of course our own experience and private life, political and social situation in our country which is tough as you know. It’s all clear on a new record, look through the lyrics.

Looking back: if there was such a possibility, what would you like to change in Jinjer?

Nothing! We are what we are now. And we like it.

What would you never allow yourselves to do on stage?

Oh, get naked I think, and act offensively, swear. These things I will never do.

You did a great work on an album. On July, 19 your new video “I Speak Astronomy” have been released. What are your future plans?

We will have several live videos, filmed at festivals this summer. Probably, if we have budget we will make a lyric video for one of the songs from the album. And I said above – we will tour non-stop.

Spare a few words to your fans, please.

Keep supporting real music, keep supporting JINJER, and see you at our show in your neighborhood!

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