Interview Lightless Moor

Interview Lightless Moor

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After their amazing show in Bucharest, I have spoken again with Ilaria (vocals) and Edoardo (keyboard) about Lightless Moor.


Hi Ilaria, nice talking with you again and hello to you aswell Eduardo. How do you feel to be here in Romania for the first time?
Ilaria: Hi Carla, we are so glad to be here to this festival, we are so excited because the experience is great, we feel great, people are very warm…it’s beautiful to be here.
Edoardo: It was good to see people’s faces in the front row, see people sing our new songs after they have seen our new videoclip.

We Ilaria had an interview last year in which we have talked about the previous Lightless Moor releases and other band’s stuffs. You have re-sign a deal with WormHoleDeah records to release your new album ‘’Hymn For The Fallen’’. What is the concept of this new album?
Ilaria: ‘’Hymn For The Fallen’’ is dedicated to all the creatures that have no voice, so we decided to give them voice to tell their stories, we talk about mad people, animals tortured by human beings, we talk about men who kill their lovers, violence, this is the concept of ‘’HFTF’’.


Is the sound of ‘’Hymn For The Fallen’’ different than your previous albums?
Edoardo: We did a great work on the guitars, we aimed to create a wall of guitars and for me, the keyboards, I chose to research some synths sounds than our previous album which I almost played symphonic. We tried to make a new structure to be more catchy…
Ilaria: Yes, we tried to be modern and we felt that was the right time to make a new experiment and we introduced clean and growls vocal of Federico (guitar) and I sing in modern style and this is new for me too opera style, because we wanted people to know in our new album what we really do. We are satisfied about ‘’HFTF’’.

When it comes about the things that inspires you, what are those things?
Ilaria: Ah, real life! Our experiences in life, values, ethics, what we think about society, about nature, about human being, about all the things that does work and does not work, all these we put in our music; we decided to tell all these stories.

Are you planning to tour over Europe soon to promote the new release?
Ilaria: Hhhmm yes we are planning. We got different offers and we try to organize, there will be in Sardinia a show, our album release party I think on 19th of June but yeah, we will see what will happen.

What is the main goal Lightless Moor have achieved?
Ilaria: I think we have achieved a lot of things and the journey is long! Of course, recording the second album is really a good goal for us and that WormHoleDeath records still believes in our music and is us as persons is another real good goal for us, but we still think is a long journey.

When you are not writing music or being on stage, what do you like to do in your free time, any hobbies?
Ilaria: Yes! I do sit with my dog and do walks on the beach, I study and I work as a psychologist so this is my free time beside Lightless Moor.

And you Edoardo?
Edoardo: My life is for music as I am a classical musician, I’m involved in many musical projects like Sardinian bands, orchestras, I am not only the keyboardist of Lightless Moor. I love music and I live for this.

What message do you have for all the Lightless Moor supporters?
Ilaria: First of all we want to thank them because we always say without the fans we weren’t here. We tell them to believe in us and follow us on the social media sites, on the venues, and to be curious about our work!

Thank you very much for this interview. Great show, it was nice seeing you and hope to see you soon again!
Ilaria: Thank you very much Carla, it was nice to know you in person and very happy to be here this time!
Edoardo: Thank you too!

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