Interview: Malevolent Creation

Interview: Malevolent Creation

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Florida’s death metallers from Malevolent Creation are soon ready to release their new album entitled as The 13th Beast, which will be out via Century Media records. A great death metal album I’ve heard so far, but here you can read an iterview I had with the band’s new vocalist, Lee Wollenschlaeger, who have answered a new questions about the new release and other stuffs.

Hi Lee, nice having you here to Antichrist magazine, how is everything going?
Very well, thank you! The band is going well, yeah, things are going good!

First of all, congrats for the new album, so far it is my favorite album from next year, The 13th Beast it is called, indeed, the 13th album by Malevolent Creation and the 1st album with you, but to start with, after Brett’s departure, how did you end up embarking as the new band vocalist?
I saw that Phil was looking for a new vocalist on the facebook page and I sent him some of my material and he really liked it and pretty much was speaking from there, then he put me in the band straight away. Was kind of a smooth transition.

Then the new album was announced, tell me how did the writing process and the recordings went?
The writing process was different this time because all of us live all over the place, we wrote the album through fast hearing like we were sending each other riffs and song ideas until we were all happy with it and then, eventually when we were fully happy with the full album music, then we got togheter in Florida, we got into the studio. Took us about 3 weeks to record, then we send everything to Dan Swano to be mixed, he did a fantastic job.

Yes mixed by Dan Swano, again. Tell me about the musical direction you guys went thought this album.
Well Phil wanted to make the most brutal album that Malevolent Creation ever made and I think he achieved that, then this album is really, really heavy, really brutal, that’s really aggressive, that’s a very angry record.

And of course, Phil as always, nailing with those riffs!
Yeah, haha. He is very proud of this record!

Do you consider that the sound of the new album is different than the previous MC albums?
I wouldn’t say that the musical sound is different, there are some different things, like maybe we added a few more dark harmonies in the music, but the music still sounds like Malevolent Creation, it still has that angry vibe. So yeah, we had a goal and we achieved it!

Since you joined the band, what are your favorite songs to play live?
Oh, we haven’t played live yet so I cannot tell you that, haha… but the song I am looking forward playing live would definitely be “Blood Brothers’’, “Slaughterhouse“ …so many songs I would play if I could!

What about touring? Are there any plans for the next year, maybe an European tour?
Yes, our managers are setting all up for the next year, we will be quiet busy next year.

I hope you will come to Romania!
Yeah I hope so too, never been there before, would be nice to be there.

Great album once again, hope to see you on the road soon. Thank you Lee for you time, cheers!
Thank you, it’s my pleasure!

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