Interview Sailing To Nowhere (By Carla Morton)

Interview Sailing To Nowhere (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Giovanni Noe, drummer of the Italian Melodic Power metal band, Sailing To Nowhere.
11136663_969535529736843_7342002028168967236_n Ciao Giovanni, how are you?
Hi Carla, Fine thanks, always at work.

Tell me when Sailing To Nowhere was founded.
Sailing To Nowhere was founded in June 2013 by me and Andrea Lanzillo (Guitars). We decided that moment to do something serious, war arrived and growing, we found marvelous people and a stable line-up!

You have released the debut album this year under the name of ”To the Unknown”. What can you tell me about it?
Yes, it’s our debut album, 9 tracks in which we put all our souls and energy. The lyrics talks about the metaphor of the artist in this difficul world compared to a ship in a storm that leave the dock to an unexpected journey.

Who mainly writes the lyrics in the band?
The lyrics were written by our past singer, Gianfranco bernabei; a great great frind of us!! For the second Album All the band will partecipate for the texts 😀

What about the influences that inspires you to create the music for Sailing To Nowhere?
Oh, a lot of bands: Avantasia, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Stratovarius, Rainbow, Dio, Alestorm, Coverdale etc.

Are there any shows confirmed to promote the album?
Yes, with my band our intention is to never stay. Everyday we do something and the shows for 2016 are a lot! November 15th we go to Masters of Rock in Czech Republic with Stratovarius, Moonspel, Operation Mindcrime, Freedom Call etc. and we recently closed our Italian tour with Eldritch and Trick or Treat.

Beside the new release, did you start writing new materials for a future release?
Yeah, even before the release of this album , we started writing new songs already.

What is your message for the band’s fans?
Support Sailing To Nowhere and always believe in your dreams!

All the best to you and thank you for this interview Giovanni, cheers!
Thank you Carla and we appreciate very much the work you do to support the metal band! Stay Metal, stay Sailing!

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