Interview Sotajumala (By Carla Morton)

Interview Sotajumala (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Mynni Luukainen, vocalist of the Finnish death metal band, Sotajumala.


Greetings Mynni, how have you been?
Hello! Everything is pretty good here! Drinking beer right now and listening to My Dying Bride while writing. Work, family-life and gigs pretty much sums it.

First, tell me when Sotajumala was founded.
Sotajumala gave birth in the year of 1998 during a drunken sauna-party including our guitarists. Main influences were bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Obituary and so on and they were eager to create their own effort to the Death Metal genre.

This year you have released the fourth full-lenght under the name of ”Raunioissa”, tell me about it.
”Raunioissa” is our fourth full-lenght album and we are very proud and pleased with it. We financed it by ourselves so no label was involved during the making. I think we’ve made album that describes our band like it is nowdays. Groovy, but still crushing death metal with catchy riffs and technical elements along it.


How were the reviews for this album?
They have been pretty good actually and we went to the 4th place in finnish national charts when the album came out. Also the feedback from the gigs have been more that great. I don’t actually care what others think, but still when you hear good shit about your new album that you have been working for couple of years, it feels pretty damn good. So thank you who liked it! And also thank you who didn’t like but still gave us the honest feedback, because nobody likes ass-kissers.

You have other release aswell, can you tell me a few things about them?
First album ”Death Metal Finland’’ was brutal in-your-face death metal chaos, and then the band was little bit looking where they should go. Great album anyways. During second album

”Teloitus” we mainly got our style like it’s pretty much nowdays, with groovy parts along brutal DM. ”Kuolemanpalvelus” was very hard album to make and we tried to do much more complicated songs. That’s how it doesn’t open so easily during the first time when you listen it, so give it a couple of spins and then it will.

What means ”Sotajumala”?
It’s translated as “God of war” but it sound way cooler in Finnish.

What about the band’s influences and what are the lyrical themes aswell?
Main influences were Deicide, Morbid Angel, Obituary and so on. US-DM with our own twist in it. Lyrical themes were mainly war during the first two albums. Then we have added other topics aswell, including serial killer, torture, apocalypse, left hand path and everything that it’s fucked up in the world. That makes a good mixture of mind-fucking abomination.

Are there any shows confirmed?
Yeah, we are playing a few finnish show during the spring which are going to be sweet. And maybe a couple of festival show outside of Finland. Can’t say much more about them ’cause they aren’t confimed yet.

Do you have other plans about the band?
We taking things slow and little by little making new stuff. Nothing much, time will tell what happens.

What message do you have for Sotajumala fans?
Thank you for your support and we’ll see you in the crowd destroying your health! Cheers maniacs!

Kiitos Mynni, rock on!
Thanks for the interview and be strong!

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