Interview Stielas Storhett

Interview Stielas Storhett

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Stielas Storhett is a Black metal band from Russia, but this is not all. Damien TG, the mastermind of this music project, been active in The Unhallowed, another metal band, aswell collaborated with The Way of Purity, writing the lyrics for 2 of the band’s albums. Here is an interview with Damien who answered my questions.


Greetings Damien, how things are going? Introduce yourself.
Hi Carla, everything’s good, as usual! I am the mastermind of Stielas Storhett, composer and guitarist/drummer of The Unhallowed. I also took part in production of The Way of Purity’s newest album. These are the most famous music projects I’m involved in nowadays.

Let’s take the things step by step and first, let’s talk about Stielas Storhett. You have signed a deal with the Italian record label WormHoleDeath and you have released the third album, ”Drownwards”.
Nicely said! ”Drownwards” is the most important musical work for me so far, ‘cause it took several years to create it.


I’ve seen that reviews showed up for this album, how were the reviews?
As you could notice the feedbacks were mostly positive. The listeners who are not obsessed about  how I did the music before, have expressed better feelings to the new album. It’s joyful to watch the audience with no narrow-mindedness.

Stielas Storhett have two other releases: ”Vandrer” (2006) and ”Expulse” (2011). Tell me a few words about these two.
There are three full-length albums total for now.  Well, ”Vandrer” was kind of test of the pen, I hadn’t written any whole albums before. However it turned out to be a fine set of melancholic Nordic black metal, despite it was created on critically poor equipment.  On the other hand ”Expulse” is compositionally harmonious and technically complicated. I had started with demo version and then re-recorded  it in a studio. And, I wouldn’t leave a release of “Death Comes from the North” aside –  a full-length conceptual split-album. Its’ Intro and Outro was created by Liholesie  from Siberia, instrumental part of Mor was done by me and Stielas Storhett is represented there by two long music pieces. Also one of my favorite releases is “SKD”, which consists of two related pieces.

The Unhallowed is another metal band you take part. Is the band still active?
The Unhallowed  is my first band and a very personal music project. After its’ second release we gave some shows but in present we don’t cooperate productively. A part of the line-up of the band has released an brilliant album as a project  Aruna Azura (“A story of a World’s betrayal”), which I strongly recommend for listening.

There are two releases of The Unhallowed, ”Philosophy of a Cornered One” and ”Chaingenesis”.
The first one was released through the iconic French underground label De Profundis editions, as well as EP “SKD” earlier. “Chaingenesis” came out from familiar for you Wormhole Death records, where Stielas Storhett is also based. As you can see, my projects are so related.  Moreover, for the detail-lovers, in 2004 we recorded a short demo “Rejected Sanctity”. By the way, it’s covers was printed in local typography and we gave it away on concerts, sent to magazines, etc…Metal bands barely do so nowadays for promotion.

What are the influences that inspires you?
Frankly speaking, none of specific musical projects really inspires me. It is highly likely my motherland, The North with its nature and climate does. But actually I can get inspired with a random thing or person… but actually no muse searching is needed.

Is there a difference between Stielas Storhett and The Unhallowed, I refer about the genre and the themes.
Since most of The Unhallowed material is written by me, and Stielas Storhett is my personal project, there are definitely some common features. But the projects are different. Considering The Unhallowed is an actual band with five talented musicians putting themselves into it. Stielas Storhett is totally child of mine – with “no compromises” as black metal fans are often says.


The Way Of Purity’s 2012 release, ”Equate”, you have also contributed and wrote songs for this album.
After we decided to cooperate, I wrote couple of songs for the future album of The Way of Purity. One of them was included in the album. We enjoyed working together as well as the final result and a bit later we did “The Majesty of Your Becoming”.

Are you planning to tour to promote the newest release of Stielas Storhett?
I don’t mind Stielas Storhett been heard by wide audience, but haven’t made real efforts to pursue it. Other words, mainly I do music for myself being guided by very personal feelings and sense of taste. Originally Stielas Storhett was considered as a one-man band. Thus I prefer studio work and never planned live shows with this project. But being interviewed I somehow promote the band, right?

Do you have anything else to tell?
I always try to express myself enough through the music, so…

Thank you Damien for this interview, it was my pleasure. All the best and hope to see you soon! Btw, I like the new release!
Thank you for your time and interest to Stielas Storhett. Wish you success with your business!


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