Interview with ATONEMENT

Interview with ATONEMENT

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Hi! Congratulations on your highly anticipated debut album, “Sadistic Invaders.” How does it feel to finally release this body of work?
Hey haha! Well yeah it’s great to finally be able to show our real potentional besides the Demo Ep we previously released. No one in the band likes that shitty demo… Our worst decision about the demo is that it was so fucking rushed and nobody thought about it a second during the recording and mixing of it. By that I want to make it clear that we hopefully learned by our mistakes we made with the demo.
We are really proud of the SADISTIC INVADERS LP basically!

The average age of the band members was just 16 when you released your debut demo. How has your sound evolved since then, and what can listeners expect from “Sadistic Invaders”?
The songs are the same. we choose to include all demo songs also on the LP but of course re-recorded with a good sound so we could make it clear how it actually sounds.
The overall production of the album is fucking great as well and we are really proud of it, it was recorded and mixed with Tomas Skogsberg.

“Sadistic Invaders” follows your demo, “Merciless Blasphemy.” How has the band developed and grown during the two years leading up to this album?
We have gathered a dedicated following, things have turned out a bit bigger and we are more serious about this than the demo. We haven’t changed much besides that.

“Merciless Blasphemy” was released by Helter Skelter Productions, while your upcoming album, “Sadistic Invaders,” is being released by Dying Victims Productions. Can you share the reasons behind the label change and how this transition has impacted your musical journey?
Well… a week or so after we released the demo we received an e-mail about working with Regain Records (Helter Skelter/Shadow Records). They wanted to do a cassette + 12″ with the demo and also a Full-Length.
Unfortunately Regain had a bit of struggle during this period and we couldn’t wait longer so we switched to DVP. That was a great decision I think because everything has turned out great and we have a great deal with them at the moment.

The influences of early thrashing death metal are evident in your music. Can you talk about the bands and artists that have inspired your sound?
Haha well, we have some obvious worshipping in our songs.
We mostly listen to heavy metal actually but when it comes to Death-thrash etc. we are mainly inspired by the old Merciless and Tormentor + other carnageing bands during that time.

The album features ten intense and compact songs. Can you discuss the creative process behind selecting and crafting these tracks?
It’s pretty simple actually. We rehearsed a lot after the demo til’ January ’22. We fixed the whole LP then and finally we are realizing it.

How does “Sadistic Invaders” differ from your previous demo in terms of sound, production, and overall atmosphere?
Same songs – Better and even rawer production in some ways… The demo is rawer in overall proffesion but the LP is more thought after.

The press release mentions the “nastiness” and “filth & fury” of your music. How do you channel and capture that energy in your recordings and live performances?
Our Live shows are just total madness actually, we have some early shows released on the internet but that’s nothing compared to today’s shows, total deathrashing carnage…
The coming LP has a primitive and nasty song structure and also there is of course a nasty production…

How do you perceive the concept of evil within the context of your music, and what role does it play in your artistic expression and exploration of dark themes?
Staying true to the whole message we want to bring… no bullshiting or such things, go straight on.

In your lyrics or thematic approach, how do you navigate the portrayal of violence, specifically murder, and what deeper meanings or messages do you aim to convey through such imagery?
I don’t know if I could say the main message but mainly it brings a tight theme that matches the song.

The term “black magic” often carries associations with forbidden knowledge and supernatural power. How does your music engage with or explore the idea of black magic, and what fascinates you about its allure or symbolism?
It’s a deep and wide topic that everyone has some kind of interest in. You don’t have to like it or support it. It will always bring some kind of good/bad energy to whoever knows us.

With the band members still in their late teens, how do you balance the demands of music creation and performance with other aspects of your lives?
We are all still going to school, right now we don’t rehearse that often. We played our last show some weeks ago in Gothenburg with mighty Profanatica, before that it was in October. After that show we took quite a pause and we only focused on recording and bringing a new album. Therefore we rejected all local shows we got and focused 110% on the album…

“Sadistic Invaders” delivers a powerful and precise sonic impact. What techniques or approaches did you employ during the recording and production process to achieve this result?
How do you know this? haha.
The album hasn’t been released yet.

Could you tell us the story behind the album’s title, “Sadistic Invaders,” and its significance within the themes and lyrical content of the songs?
It would summarize ATONEMENT in a great and mysterious way so we therefore choose that title for the album.

How do you envision your music evolving in the future? Are there any particular directions or elements you would like to explore?
Maybe… We haven’t thought about that actually, we will take one thing at a time right now and see how SADISTIC INVADERS will be received.

Your music has drawn comparisons to other notable bands in the genre. How do you maintain your unique identity while honoring the influences that shaped your sound?
Atonement isn’t a band that’s made to be an honor of other bands. We want to do our thing and that’s to bring good music + chaotic live rituals.

Finally, what message or experience do you hope listeners take away from “Sadistic Invaders,” and what are your plans and aspirations for the future of Atonement? Thank you for your time!
We want to get our message out this time, there’s a pandemic with completely shit music and hopefully we can cut that stream. Maybe it’s not original but who gives a fuck.
Thanks to Antichrist mag also!

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