Interview with Katachthon

Interview with Katachthon

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Hi! Congrats on “Raw Manifestation”! How did you get from your early demos to this full album?
Hello Stanley! Thanks for your kind words! I thought ten years were enough and this is the time for things to get serious!

What sparked the idea to start Katachthon back in 2013?
That time the only thing I wanted was to be in a band that was noisy and bestial to the bone!
But we produced well-structured songs in the way and that helped me over the years to be exactly where I wish to be musically.

How do you manage all the instruments and vocals yourself?
Let me be honest, it is a tough decision in terms of time, hard work, dedication and money of course. But in the end isn’t bad at all. I have all the freedom I need to compose/record songs and I am open to cooperation if it is necessary in the future.

What bands or genres influenced the sound of “Raw Manifestation”?
80’s Metal!!!! I listened a lot, from heavy/hair metal to proto-black metal music.
A combination of Bathory & Wasp etc.

Why did you name the album “Raw Manifestation”?
There is no particular reason behind that. One day I came up with the idea in my mind and I was like, that’s it!

How does Katachthon fit into the Greek metal scene?
I don’t believe there are scenes anymore, at least with the traditional terms of the past. Of course, over the years we had strong connections and friendships, tradings both in letters and physical stuff. If it is for better or worse that way I cannot answer.

What parts of the Greek metal scene have shaped your music?
I think that there are some parts on the record where you can hear the atmosphere of the late 80s and early 90s Greek Black Metal scene.

Can you tell us about the themes in your lyrics?
The lyrical themes are up to the listener to view them both literally and metaphorically.
Personal struggles, societal issues, dreams, and imagination are fueled by the desire to overcome one’s former self.

What personal experiences influenced your songwriting?
I had constant changes in the last 3 years of my life. Places of living, jobs, human relationships, etc. Also many viewpoints through experience and time shape what is actually me. So yes that has a significant impact on my music.

Do you have a favorite track on the album? Why that one?
TEMPLE OF APOHAVNOSIS! The longest track on the record. The lyrics were written during the quarantine period, where lies, governmental propaganda through media & big pharma flourished these years. Yes, you had to ask permission to leave your house! Haha! Read the lyrics and make your own conclusions. I think it is somehow timeless the message on the track. Now for the musical parts, it has many tempo changes, and a few melodies here and there and I believe that it makes it quite interesting! I hope the listeners will enjoy it as I do!

How did your previous work shape this album?
It is like making steps upward at a stair I guess. You keep the good things of the past, discard the useless ones, improve everything that has to be improved, and add new ideas to the table. I believe that this makes the creation meaningful instead of repeating yourself over the years.

What’s the feedback been like from fans and critics?
I must be honest! Many liked the improved sound and songwriting of the album but many also didn’t like the idea of this dramatic change from a chaotic Black Death Metal group to an artist that wants his music to be loud-clear and understandable to the ears of the listener.

Any memorable moments during the making of the album?
For the first time in my life I had such concentration to the maximum on a project. I pushed myself really hard on the making of this record.

What advice would you give to other solo musicians?
Express yourself! You do not need unnecessary stuff or distractions. Have a vision and create.

Where do you see Katachthon going next? Any new directions?
Right now I have some basic song structures for the next album. Results may vary! Time shall tell.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
I don’t have any particular in my mind right now but surely would be someone to learn from his abilities and style which probably differs from mine. Who knows…

What’s next for you? Thank you for your time!
I am in the work of releasing Raw Manifestation in a physical format and merch to support the album. Thank you for the host! I hope the readers enjoy the music!

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