Interview: WORMWOOD

Interview: WORMWOOD

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Sweden’s Wormwood seems to have impressed the metalheads around with their new amazing album Arkivet. In my opinion, this release is way more different than the band’s previous releases, it’s like Arkivet is the cherry on top, at least for 2021’s greatest, favorite and top albums.
Once again I had the pleasure to have a chat with Tobias, the band’s guitarist, who’ve answered some of my questions, about Arkivet and other Wormwood related stuff.

Nice talking with you again Tobias, it’s been a while. And congrats for the new release. How is all going?
Hi! It´s been a while! Thank you very much, it’s all good over here!

Arkivet is not just what you used to be, to say so, it is more, an album which seems to be nostalgic. Then what is the concept (“the archive”) of the album?
To put it simply, the concept is about mankind’s inability to coexist with earth/nature. We’re highlighting humanity as a destructive force which might also be our own downfall. It’s set in 2023, pretty close to our current year (2021). It’s reality spiced up.

What was the approach on changing the atmosphere and the sound on Arkivet?
Well, we never argue on which or what sound we should have. Our music has no rules and the outcome will always change more or less. It’s a matter of natural progress. It just happens. The concept was a clear decision though.

As I mentioned earlier, the album is nostalgic, cinematic too, you tried something different this time with Arkivet. Was it a bit hard for you to go with this new direction?
Just as I said in the last answer. We just go with the flow and use whatever feels right for the moment. I agree on the fact that Arkivet is more cinematic and somewhat different than Nattarvet. But it’s still Wormwood, because change and progress is a big part of Wormwood music.

It looks like the album received positive feedback as well, from the media and the fans. Did you expect such positive feedback?
We are very humble to say that almost all feedback has been good. That make us happy, but the most important thing is that we´re happy with the record ourselves. I try to avoid expectations, I just let the feedback come, whatever the feedback holds. Sometimes I agree on what people think about our music, sometimes not. As long as I like it I feel quite confident in what we are doing, no matter what others think.

You had a few guests on the album, can you mention who are they, their contribution and how was it to work with them?
Martin Björklund- violin, Moa Sjölander- backup vocals, and Walter Basile- vocals. They are all friends of the band, Martin and Moa have recorded with us before. Since we know each other well, working with them was simple. No problem at all, just friends having a good time in the studio.

Well, I like Arkivet a lot. Great album, great sound! Regarding the album cover, a simple, white one. Why is that?
We wanted a stiff, bureaucratic and boring look to enhance the seriousness of the content inside. This is not a collection of happy endings and lullabies.

You have a new drummer, Tatu Kerttula, since Daniel Johansson announced his departure from the band. Were you surprised by his decision leaving the band?
I was not surprised at all, it had been in the air for a long time but wasn’t really outspoken within the band. He left when he was done tracking the drums for Arkivet. And Tatu came in during the winter of 2020/2021, but we choose to not make it official before the album was released. It’s sad that Daniel quit, he was important to the band. But I could not be more happy to have Tatu on board. He is a monster! And plays our songs 100%. Looking forward to write new songs with him involved in the process!

Despite the current pandemic situation, you could promote, and still promoting the album through social media, but let’s hope soon the situation will get better and you will be back on stage. Do you have set touring plans for next year?
We have already booked a handful of shows for next year, and more bookings will come. There are plans for touring also, but nothing official yet. New lockdowns are still possible I guess?

Also, did the pandemic somehow affected the album recordings or anything else?
Not that much, we already planned to record during 2020, and had most of the concept and raw versions of the songs done in 2019. I guess it affected us in a positive way though, we could focus 100% on the recordings instead of the gigs.

Thanks again for the interview Tobias. Hope to see you soon again on the road, or around somewhere! Skål!
Thanks for having me! See you on the road somewhere in time, cheers!

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