Interview Wormwood

Interview Wormwood

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This is the 2nd time I interviewed Wormwood, the Swedish Black N Roll, after the show in Bucharest. Rydsheim (the guitarist) and Johtun (drums) answered for this nice interview.
Hello Rydsheim and Johtun, welcome back to Romania, the show kicked ass, how did you feel about it?
Rydsheim:  Thank you, I felt great and feeling great being back in Romania, especially Bucharest  since I think this is one of the best audiences in the whole world. Feels really good.

What do you think about it?
Johtun:  Yeah, when we first got here, we were prepared for this because we knew this will gonna be the bigger gig from this tour, the audience was great, it’s like an emotional connection to the audience here, you don’t have this in Sweden, so this is what I can say about it, it was awesome.

How was the first show from this tour?
Rydsheim: The first show was in Arad and you know, being first show of the tour you are feeling nervous, you think about the gig, you think about the whole things but I think we had a great time, the audience took part of the show, were a lot of good feedback, everybody was happy, that’s all I care about so, thumbs up.

And what about the other shows until this one from Bucharest?
Rydsheim: It had been quite funny, the road, we had problems in every town we got. Like last night the cops came and they cancelled the show in the middle of the set and we just laughed. It is real fun to go though Eastern Europe because it’s very different here than in Scandinavia, we have seen a lot of stuffs, met a lot of people and every night we met good fucking metalheads that we really appreciate to get to know.

Are you preparing new materials soon?
Rydsheim:  Yes, we have like 10 new songs…
Johtun: We got a lot of new things coming up, before this tour  we were more focused on rehearsing the songs and when we are back from this tour we will arrange all the riffs we have right now and it’s a lot, we got a lot work on. It will be a kick ass album.
Rydsheim: If you like what Wormwood is about now, you will fucking love Wormwood after the album will be released because it will contain so much different stuffs, everything from Swedish folk, atmospheric dreams and bloody fucking Black N Roll.
Johtun:  With this album you can finally know that Wormwood has finally found its place in the sound.

What are the main lyrical themes?
Rydsheim: We aren’t the best members to answer that, Nine the singer writes all the lyrics but from now we are on Scandinavian horror stories, we also sing about nature, that kind of stuffs, a mix…
Johtun: When Nine writes the lyrics he puts all his emotions into them.
Rydsheim: So I really don’t have nothing to say about the lyrics, I like what Nine writes.
11798376_10204742966513381_1834771335_n What bands inspires you for Wormwood?
Rydsheim: That is really hard to say because, I think we all have different heroes, but for me personally I like old school music, rock n roll like Kiss, Iron Maiden but as Black metal band maybe I’d say as my favorite one is Windir from Norway, I fucking love Windir.

Johtun: In the band we write the music and we don’t consider to sounds like another band, we don’t talk about influences, we all have our different influences, my favorite band is Kiss, so I take my influences and put into the band, Nine puts his own, Rydsheim too and so on.

You are trying to be original.
Johtun: Who doesn’t? (laughs)
Rydsheim: Yes, people always ask about influences and I don’t give a damn about influences, I care about the other influences like nature, about my own feelings I put into the riffs, I care about the things I see, those are my influences,

Are there more shows confirmed for this year or for the next year?
Rydsheim: We will finish this tour and then we see what happens, we’ll definetly make a new album, maybe we will do something in Sweden so I don’t say something more right now, Wormwood for sure will tour again!
Johtun: This is just the beginning!

How is it being on tour with the Swedish Death metal band Of Fire?
Rydsheim: Two of the members from Of Fire I had a band with them like 10 years ago, so I know all the band back in the days, it’s like a reunion.
Johtun:  The most thing is that we laugh all time, it is a great band to be on tour.

Asking about line-up, Nox wasn’t the former guitarist in the band.
Rydsheim: We had other two guitarists before Nox  and we had to replace them from different reasons but we are good friends with them. Nox is a great dude, a great guitarist and he kicks ass.
Johtun: We are very lucky he joined the band because he was the final last piece of the puzzle to get fit into this band, he is the perfect member.

How many shows do you have left?
Rydsheim: I think one in Hungary,  one in Slovakia and two in Czech Republic but this one was the best until now.

How is it to be first time on tour?
Rydsheim: I’ve been like touring a little in Scandinavia but that’s not the same thing, here we do not speak the same language, nothing is the same so it is very interesting, it gives you a lot of perspective in life.

Do you have a message for the people who enjoy Wormwood?
Rydsheim: Share the world about Wormwood, stay metal, hell Odin, hell Thor, we love you all!
Johtun:  Spread the world and we appreciate it!

Thank you both for this interview, hope to see you soon again!
Rydsheim: Multumesc (thank you in Romanian) I love to be in the country of Count Dracula!
Johtun: Thank you very much!

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