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intr [800] INTRONAUT “The Direction Of Last Things”
Century Media records

When I got The Direction Of Last Things in my hands, I honestly didn’t heard about this band, despite its large discography (four full-length albums and three EPs in 11 years is much). So, “progressive metal” they said. Of course, Tool, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Opeth – all of this is well-known and listened many times.
But after the first song “Fast Worms” it became clear that a label “progressive metal” affixed only because there aren’t another words. I also was speechless for a couple of days, while listening to this album, because I haven’t words to describe this head crushing, insane magnificence.
In an album… Wait, who am I kidding? Almost in every song there are custom music courses and many improvisation. Custom time signature is usual thing. Also it can be found a lot of genres from jazz to nu-metal. And if listen to every musical instrument line, sometimes it feels like guitar parts, bass and drums are exists by themselves. But somehow, in a miracle way, together they create something very harmonic.
But with all this technical and musical brilliancy this album is metal. Aggressive, heavy and maddening. Vocalist/guitarist Sasha Dunable says: ” “I really missed making records that not only thought outside the box, but also beat the shit out of you. On the past couple records, I think we were really exploring some musical aspects that were experimental, melodic, and less of a primal heavy metal assault. It’s all part of the creative journey, so I still love all our records and those parts of our musical DNA, but personally I thought it was time we took our musical evolution and made it do 100 push-ups every morning.” With changing vocals from clear to extreme and back (sometimes a couple of times per song), it’s truth for 100%.
Also there are some cuts and inserts with non-musical sounds. Sounds from the old movie with actor’s monologue in “The Unlikely Event Of A Water Landing” (by the way, 8-minutes song sounds like divided in two parts, heavy and slow). Or some voice with a prayer on a background in “Sul Ponticello”. This inserts are also creates a kind of ambience for perception of not an easiest music.
Intronaut means “inner traveler”. It is no coincidence, because we’re often don’t know what is it inside us. And when started to explore, it’s often surprising with what we’ve found. Well, let the band continue its inner journey, if results are coming outside in a forms of albums like this.
intr2 [800]

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