JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR “35 Supersonic” review (by Droll)

JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR “35 Supersonic” review (by Droll)

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Rodeostar / SPV

Sometimes, while selecting an album for review, you’re guided not by genre or cover, but only by the band’s name. Jesus Chrüsler Supercar – how was it possible to pass such a badass thing?

The band was formed in 2011, at Stockholm. For five years this trio managed to release two singles Killing Machine (2013) и Full Blown Hell (2014) and one longplay Among The Ruins and Desolate Lands (2013). It also worth noting the fact, that this year guys are going to perform at Wacken Open Air – that says a lot. And soon, in March, their new album, 35 Supersonic, will be released. We can only envy for productivity of Robban Bergeskans (vocals, bass), Christopher Siren (guitars, backing vocals) and Nicke Forsberg (drums).

Briefly, the album can be described like “When Motörhead meet The Stooges”. Rock’n’Roll energy (that one, that Lemmy called “Rock’n’Roll) and markedly raw, dirty garage sound. It is the band’s shtick and “attitude”. There are no tricky sound effects, no endeavors to wonder a listener with unique techniques or something else. Because better sound for band’s aggression and venom hardly can be found.

Lyrics are consistent to music. “Robban sings about the madness that we encounter every day,” Forsberg explains and admits that Jesus Chrüsler Supercar’s lyrics occasionally deal with alleged demons, Satan and evil spirits. “But,” adds the drummer, “we only flirt with the devil, that’s all.” Those lyrics are complemented perfectly by Bergeskan’s rigorous, consciously distorted lead vocals which lend the songs their urgency.

Thereby, 35 Supersonic is an excellent, diabolically evil, rock’n’roll. Which can catch listener, or to cause disgust. But it wouldn’t leave any one indifferent. Furthermore, the guys are looking forward to perform as much as they can – with the gigs and also at summer festivals. And I think Jesus Chrüsler Supercar’s live performances would be as  bright as their new album.

35 Supersonic will be released at March, 18 via Rodeostar Records.


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