Lyric video: DIVINITY launched two lyric videos: “Distorted Mesh” & “PsyWar”

Lyric video: DIVINITY launched two lyric videos: “Distorted Mesh” & “PsyWar”

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Calgary, AB progressive death metal band DIVINITY have posted two lyric videos in support of their new album “The Immortalist” that was unleashed on May 26th.

“PsyWar: This was a song that had a concept before the music was written. We knew we needed to create a groovy song with a real sinister message. Once the main riff was written, the rest wrote itself. I am very proud of the final song as it relays the message that we all live in a world of psychological warfare where the elite rulers have fabricated a narrative that we have come to accept as normal. Through media and mainstream news, they have convinced us of all kinds of false beliefs, and they have found a way to get their wars and their ways of normalizing violence and all the terrible things that would normally be completely unacceptable. We have been fully and completely brainwashed to accept atrocities and lies, as truth. Now that we are so conditioned to accept this as normal, we won’t question authority, meaning they can do whatever it is they want, without a backlash from the public.

Distorted Mesh: This song started as a riff of Sean’s, which I took and spiced up and sped up. The song concept was loosely inspired by the movie “Insidious”, where the demon lives in the underworld and emerges only to find his victims, and take them into the other world to torture. Our current world is a very scary place these days, where lies and distortions of the truth are the new norm. We are all connected to each other in this madness, but the things that connect us are distorted and manipulated by evil entities who have succeeded in making us thoughtless slaves. There is no way out of this nightmare that is our modern world’s reality.”

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