Metal East: Nove Kolo 2019 – daily schedule, cultural program and special guest

Metal East: Nove Kolo 2019 – daily schedule, cultural program and special guest

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Metal East: Нове Коло invites you to become part of the main Ukrainian metal festival of the year!

Three days, more than twenty hours of live music and more than twenty bands from all over the world. Unique line-up of the loudest bands of the world’s black and death metal underground.

Entombed A.D., Pestilence, Necrophobic, Enthroned, Nokturnal Mortum and many others, as well as reunion for the single performance of the legendary Kharkiv band Hate Forest.

A festival featuring fans of heavy music from around the world.

A diverse food court, Meet&Greets with artists and special guests, as well as a rich cultural program will transform the music festival into a unique event.

From May 31 to June 2, Kharkiv, Art-zavod “Mechanica. Inaya Zemlya”.

The largest metal festival of Eastern Europe – Metal East: New Circle.

Tickets on the site or in the Kolovorot shop, Kharkiv, the Constitution Square, 1.


Festival friend and partner Michael Berberian will be a special guest of the festival.

Michael is the founder and chef of the legendary Season of Mist – leading French independent label for all Metal music. Since 1996, this label has followed its path and has worked with such great artists as Abbath, Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Heilung, Sólstafir, Drudkh and dozens of others.

At the Metal East: Нове Коло festival we will held a meeting with Michael for all comers, during which he will share his history and unique experience.

Meet & Greet Zone, where free meetings with bands and autograph sessions will take place, will also work throughout the festival.



  • Hate Forest (Ukraine)
  • Saor (Scotland)
  • Bergrizen (Ukraine)
  • Archgoat Official (Finland)
  • Entombed A.D. (Sweden)
  • Sargeist (Finland)
  • Harakiri for the sky (Austria)
  • Pestilence (Netherlands)
  • Raventale (Ukraine)
  • Enthroned (Belgium)
  • Demilich (Finland)
  • Severoth (Ukraine)
  • Zemial (Greece)
  • Horna (Finland)
  • White Ward (Ukraine)
  • Agatus (Greece)
  • Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine)
  • Necrophobic (Sweden)
  • Necrom (Ukraine)
  • Ygg (Ukraine)

Besides metal music Metal East: Nove Kolo festival is also dedicated to wide spectrum of activities of mankind from Ukraine, Europe and the whole world.

This integral part of the event is called “Art. History. Tradition” and will be represented with performances, master classes, lectures and exhibitions from numerous artists, folk musicians, historians, craftsmen and many more. The announcements regarding this cultural program of the festival will be made alongside with the announcements of bands that will be playing on the stage.

During Metal East: Nove Kolo you can visit:

  • historical lectures on the history of Kharkiv;
  • exhibitions of Kharkiv artists, sculptors, potters and glass blowers;
  • exhibition of folk musical instruments, master class on production and playing technique;
  • exhibition of works of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts;
  • master class and lecture about Kharkiv Vyshyvanka (Sloboda Ukraine);
  • exhibition of printed graphics;
  • performance of tribal dancers

…and more. In addition, the Tattoo Convention promo zone will work on the territory of the festival.

Date and venue:

31 May – 2 June 2019 Year.

Ukraine, Kharkiv, Plekhanivska str., 126M

Art-zavod “Mechanica. Inaya Zemlya”

Official website of the festival
Facebook page
Facebook event
Instagram page

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