Metal Gates Fest 2020: Nightrage And Haunted Confirmed

Metal Gates Fest 2020: Nightrage And Haunted Confirmed

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Nightrage and Haunted are added to Metal Gates Fest line-up.

Nightrage is back again with their eighth album ”Wolf To Man”. A furious mare ridden yet mesmerizing melodic musical journey, telling a story that guides us all the way to the inevitable demise of mankind. A delicate and well-balanced blend between brutality and melody. An intricate mix of furious thrashing riffs, airy instrumentals and hooking choruses to bang your fists to.

Formed in the gray and depressive Fall of 2015, some dark appearances from Catania, Italy –Haunted  willing to channel their existential void into musical form. Haunted propose a heavy doom of sub-sabbathian ancestry bleached by ethereal keening and monolithic riffage.

First two  confirmations are Varathron and Famyne.

More bands to be announced.

Metal Gates Festival will take place on October 15th-17th 2020, at Quantic club, Bucharest.


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