MIRRORED IN SECRECY band presentation + stream

MIRRORED IN SECRECY band presentation + stream

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Please introduce yourself.
We’re Mirrored In Secrecy from Germany and we’re pretty sure you won’t remember the name at the end of the interview. But it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy the music.

When your band was created?
In 2003 as a solo project, turned into a band at 2006.

What the style do you play?
Gothic- / Doom Metal if you’d force me to break it down to the core elements.

How could you describe your music by several words?
Intoxicating, dark & heavy music.

What is the main theme of your lyrics?
Fucked up minds and relationships. Plus some nature worshiping.

What would you like to achieve with the band activity?
At this point I’m happy with making music, getting heared and be able to talk about it from time to time.

How many gigs you have played so far and maybe you visit another countries with concerts?
We played somewhat regulary from 2006 – 2013 with bands like Lacrimas Profundere, Burden, Undertow etc.. Right now it’s more kind of a studio project.

Is there anything very important about your band what SHOULD know fans and labels?
I don’t know if it’s important for anyone else, but you can be sure I breath and live the stuff. So when it comes to importance it’s a subjective thing for sure.

What the formats you would like to see your releases, CD, Vinyl, Tape…? And how do you see future of physical releases?
While I have been a tape guy back in the day, the upcoming release will feature a very limited amount of Digipack-CD’s and that’s it physically-wise. You can get listen to it through Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and every other digital channel of your choice, though.

When you will get label deal, would you like to help to the label with promotion from your side, or you want label do all without your help?
We’re always been a DIY band. We had a label deal for our first record, but it’s basically paying them for their promo power.

What’s your reaction towards negative opinions about your music?
When the music is out, it’s out. As long as the negativity is just a part of the feedback, it’s okay and if it’s well analyzed you also learn from it. Of course our goal is to connect with those how like our stuff, though.

And last question, how do you like our webzine, do you have some remarks towards its look or functionality?
Personally I’m not so much into the antichrist-thing, but I appreciate your focus on real music for real people. The premieres and the band introductions are nice additions to the regular topics of metalblogs and magazines. Keep up the good work!

Dark Rock tunes for a doomed generation – slow, deep and hard tracks in the style of early Gothic Metal pioneers.

When MIRRORED IN SECRECY debuted their EP “Truth” in 2009 the German Metal Hammer instantely stated “What a sound – what a band!”. The Sonic Seducer magazine presented the as one of the Top 50 newcomers. MiS already gained some further recognition in 2012 / 2013, while sharing the stage with cult bands like LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, BURDEN or JESUS ON EXTASY.

While their earlier releases habe been mixed & mastered by famous studios like KOHLEKELLER and FINNVOX, they produced their second full-length album “Solitution” (2017) by themselves.

In contrast to their partial female-fronted debut album “Day Of Renewal” (2012), they went back to a more down-to-earth approach. “Solitution” has become a versatile album, which isn’t afraid to expand the limits of the Gothic Metal & Dark Rock universe by adding elements of Doom Metal, Retro Rock, Singer- / Songwriter music and untypical uptempo-parts. Enjoy the journey!


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