NRT Records set release date for Global Scum “Hell Is Home”

NRT Records set release date for Global Scum “Hell Is Home”

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NRT Records sets February 16, 2018 as the international release date for Global Scum “Hell Is Home”!

“When Water Turns To Blood” song streams on youtube!

GLOBAL SCUM hijacks the listener into a dark, brutal groove metal realm on his debut album “Hell Is Home” and presents a Metal Opus, the harder pace.

“Hell is Home” is the first holistic work of the Austrian musician and singer Manuel Harlander dar. Early on, the musician from Tyrol, as a guitarist and singer, gained experience in various projects until he decided to let his creativity run free. This desire for creative independence was fulfilled in the formation of his solo project Global Scum and culminates in the creation of the album “Hell Is Home”, which will be released on 26 February 2018 via the label NRT-Records.

On “Hell is Home” There are 10 tracks, which can be described musically best as a mixture of groove metal in the style of Soulfly or Sepultura and death-& thrash-metal. Mastermind Manuel Harlander, plays all the instruments himself and is responsible for recording and mixing. Lyrically, Manuel also has a lot to offer. On energetic rock hard metal, meet political, personal and philosophical texts.

So, “Falling Terror” is an angry fight against terrorism, or “Inwardly Fouling” is a reckoning with the repressions that life brings. A clear rejection of warmongers is the number “When Water Turns to Blood”. From December 22nd, the Groove Metal package “Hell is Home” will be available on YouTube and Spotify for free listening.

The final digital and physical release will take place on February 2018 via NRT Records.

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