Opera IX announces a new album and new line-up

Opera IX announces a new album and new line-up

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Opera IX announces a new album and a new line-up.

The band entered the studio to record their 7th album. Also, the Italians presents a new line-up, singer Diana Dianaria joined the forces: The witch Dispas has learnt uncountable spells and her art can make rivers flow back to their source. She knows what herbs to use, and when she wants, she can make cloud gather in the sky. When she wants, she brightens the day with a full sun. If you can believe it, she can make stars and moon dripping blood. She changes in the shadows of night and her old woman’s body grow feathers. She calls up ancient ancestors, ghosts from the grave. She herself set out to desecrate chaste beds …

The line-up :
Ossian (Guitars)
Dipsas Dianaria (Vocals)
Alexandros (Keyboards)
M:a Fog (Drums)
Charon (Bass)

Details of the new album will be revealed soon.


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