Overunit Machine official songs streaming

Overunit Machine official songs streaming

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Overunit Machine recently released the new album Aldaraja mixed and mastered by Logan Mader (Machine Head’s founder, Roadrunner United, Fear Factory, Cavalera Conspiracy and many more) and produced by Eddy Cavazza and Giuseppe “Dualized” Bassi at Dysfunction Production, along with the ‘Unholy Messiah’ video directed and produced by Andrea Guarascio and the 4Frame crew, starring world class artist Saturno Butto’.

Album “Aldaraja” will be released on 26 February 2016 by Sliptrick records. You can ask for your own copy HERE.

Date of birth: winter 2000 2005/2007: Released the first album “NURSERY RHYMES” (self-produced), sells more than 1000 copies and builds up a considerable fanbase. The stage pals get first-class: as an opening act for CRO-MAGS’ reunion tour, plus supporting RAGING SPEEDHORN, TWELVE TRIBES, SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE and more, the band’s exposure leads to a collaboration with ALKEMIST FANATIX EUROPE, eventually resulting in a contract with KILLERPOOL RECORDS.

2008/2012: Released the second album ANTROPOPHOBIA” (KillerPool Records), Meanwhile, California-based street fashion label IRONFIST CLOTHING (which dresses up stars like Avril LaVigne, Tokio Hotel, Gogol Bordello, Behemoth) makes Overunit Machine the only italian band to be (proudly) sponsored by them. A name, a legend: HOWIE B. The legendary producer of U2’s “Pop” album, and BJЦRK’s masterpieces and loads of other fundamental albums, not to mention his much-praised solo career in electronic dance-floor music, gets interested into Overunit Machine’s unique sound and friendly agrees to produce two songs, which represent his first experiment in modern heavy music.

“UNGOD EP” (self-produced) the record is distributed only in digital stores (iTunes, AmazonMP3, TuneCore) and in a deluxe vinyl edition, featuring drawings by international artist SATURNO BUTTТ. “Broken” becomes the soundtrack for NCW,official CANADIAN NATIONAL FEMALE WRESTLING FEDERATION!! Last thing that happened, the band’s lineup changed, with the arrival of 2 new musicians, Zimon as new bass player, Slippy as new drummer.

2013/NOW: In year 2013 , after the split-up with David Marchetti and the Ghirorecords, the band meets the best italian metal/alternative producers, Dualized and Eddy Cavazza, owners of the label “dysfunction-productions”. This lucky encounter evolves immediately in a strict collaboration for the new project called ALDARAJA. After a couple of meetings with Dualized and Eddy, the band and the new producers arrange a businessplan to work on the album.

An intense activity starts to develope 10 new songs in a completely different approach to composition, guided by the big experience of Eddy and Dualized. The producers are also known as strict collaborators of famous american producer LOGAN MADER (Machine Head’s founder, Roadrunner United, Fear Factory, Cavalera Conspiracy and many more) with which we decided to work on the mixing and mastering of the album.

The need of a new videoclip to promote Aldaraja brings the band to choose again Andrea Guarascio as director (like for the videoclip of Ikarus) with the 4FRAME crew. For this occasion a very special guest has been used as leading actor, the famous painter SATURNO BUTTO’. In the meantime, while the band works hard on the composition of the songs, some problems bring some new changings on the lineup, 2 new guitar players, Alessandro and Marco joined to complete the band… the machine is still ALIVE!


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