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I Chaos “The Human Repellent”

With a cover art like this and a strong album title like “The Human Repellent” the listener pretty much expects what for torture awaits once the records begins playing. Yes, this is brutality from start to finish!!! I Chaos is a brutal death metal band from Holland and “The Human Repellent” is their debut album which is released on their own label, Raped In the Face Records (hahaha). I have read a few reviews about this album and they like to compare it with Cannibal Corpse or even Lamb Of God, Seriously??? Let me make something very clear I Chaos doesn’t sound at all like those bands and in my opinion they kinda have their own sound. The artwork explains this in more detail. I Chaos is the small fetus (because they are a new band) who completely destroys the older fetus (The bigger bands). I Chaos lyrics and song structure is way better than the rehashed albums that those bands keep releasing. The vocals are harsh and the singer growls like a beast that makes the Dutch orange lion crawl in fear (Unfortunately the original singer, Harry van Breda is no longer a member of I Chaos). The drumming is true to the genre of brutal death metal with a lot of blast beats and creative fills. What I really like about this release are the complex song structures that are experimental and jazzy with a touch of technicality. Also I love how you can perfectly hear the bass guitar in the songs and how it guides the brutality of the songs while at the same time doing its own thing in the song. “The Human Repellent” is a solid death metal album with high quality compositions, lots of blast beats, growls and crushing riffage and solos that will rape you in your face!!!!


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