Premiere: Excellion “Unsean” EP

Premiere: Excellion “Unsean” EP

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Mexican metal quintet, Excellion, stream their new, fourth EP titled Unsean ahead of its release which is set for August 6th. Stream it below.

Speaking about the level of creativity the new EP reaches compared with the previous efforts, bassist and backing vocalist Adrian Vilbel commented:

“On ‘Unsean’ you can find this maturity in the sound that is very unique actually, all instruments converge in a way that it just was’t in our previous releases, that’s why this new material it’s really a breakthrough for us.


“We were trying to express ourselves in the way we felt at the moment when we moved to Mexico City, it was a moment to adapt and learn a new way to live, so we felt the urgency to write some riffs and melodies that made people feel those expressions, that’s how the whole concept came to mind,”

he continues.

Unsean is the fourth EP release the band put out to date, and it was originally planned to be a full-length release, but Excellion decided to split it in two shorter releases. Vilbel also talked about the reasons behind that decision.

“Nowadays it’s kind of hard that a person listen to a full album from the beginning to the end. There would be a lot to digest and they just don’t want that, at least a lot of people, so yeah, ‘Unsean’ was actually a full-length, but we wanted people to give the same weight to every song and not just one or two. We wanted to write songs with high quality too and not just fillers so we decided to make this release in two parts. This is part one and you can expect part two some time around 2017. This way people can sit and listen the whole EP and it’ll be easy to digest too.”

Unseen Track Listing:

1. Unsean Pt. I: In Search of Infinity
2. Unlucky Charms (feat. Fernando Obregón of Joliette)
3. The Courier
4. Diablo Jr. (feat. Jose Macario Tovar of Arcadia Libre)
5. Unsean Pt. II: The Heart of the Sapphire

Excellion online:

About Excellion:

Although nowadays lots of countless sound fusions and textures in the whole world are converged, few are the ones that own the true capability of achieving expressions so distinctive, and at the same time displaying a vast surrounding energy like the one introduced in Excellion’s most recent material Unsean.

With great resolve, the band is getting ready to get into worldwide scene on August 6th, 2016 with the release of their highly anticipated upcoming release Unsean.

Excellion – “always evolve, always excel” – is part of a new wave of Mexican projects with quite a unique sound, since it expresses a fusion from a full-energy Math Metal to modern progressive djenty rock.

It should be pointed out that Unsean represents Excellion’s fourth music effort throughout their 8 year career, right after the release of Until Hope Collapses in 2012, Welcome Home My Son in 2011 and Haunted Days in 2009, all unique albums constantly evolving and living up to the band ́s name.

Over the years, Excellion played with great well-known international bands like Black Veil Brides, TesseracT, Haken, and Miss May I, among others.

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