Profanator “Mvtter Vicivm” review

Profanator “Mvtter Vicivm” review

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Profanator “Mvtter Vicivm”
Chaos Records

Yeah, I know, I’m a bit late here, since album was released two months ago, but, I do not have thousands ears, so my time of listening to this album has been just came. Well, I always like Mexican metal scene, you know, Mexican metal – might it be thrash, death, black or even folk metal – always sounds a bit original and really aggressive. Needless to say that Mexico brought us mane awesome bands in the past, and still continues. Profanator must be known by die hard fans worldwide, and here is their ltest upos. First of all, for those who could miss some info about Profanator – the band runned by Antimo Bounano from HACAVITZ + some members from ENVENOMED and RAPED GOD 666. Of course, just looking on line-up, we may understand that there will be some kick ass stuff, and there it is! “Mvtter Vicivm” is full of energy and hellish brutality. Profanator is a some kind of thrashing monster, where thrash metal met with some punk/hardcore and death metal (some rhythms has reminded my mighty Impiety!). Eight songs which will crush your mind and bones. To not write too many words, this album addressed to all those who are into merciless, technical, catching and dark music, mainly for those minds into thrashing madness, made with old-school way and without some modern “core” tunes in it. Raw and aggressive, fast and sure, old-school and catching, thrash/death metal of hell, no more to say.


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