Review: Aborym “Hostile” [Dead Seed Productions]

Review: Aborym “Hostile” [Dead Seed Productions]

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It’s not easy to be an Aborym fan, for a good decade and a change, we were frequently scratching our heads ever since their Generator album from 2004. Especially since the mentioned album every one of those were now considered cult releases. With Atilla (from Mayhem) on vocals first three albums Kali Yuga Bizarre, Fire Walk with Us and With No Human Intervention are insane futuristic onslaughts in a black metal format that few other bands achieved.

So much that the band had their own sound, a feat that even in the early millennium is still quite rare. With their fourth release Generator (and first one with live drums from non-other than Faust from Emperor) is their more controlled and most mature endeavour and personally my favourite.

Since then the shit got strange.

Although Psychogrotesque and Dirty are decent enough albums it was clearly shown that the band’s mastermind Malfeitor Fabban is abandoning bands old sound.

Enter Hostile.

Oh boy.

Before I get into this self-indulgent mess, have in mind that I love when a band decides to experiment with their sound to express their other side while maintaining the band’s identity.

But, this is definition of a double edged sword and this album fell on its face directly on a xylospongium like drunk roman in ancient times. Here there is no single trace of Aborym, not a riff, not a decibel, nada. No blast beats, no eerie atmosphere, no electronics; nothing.

This is a poorly Tool inspired album. Throw a dart at any nu metal track and there is a fair chance that song is better than any in Hostile. They are generic and they go absolutely nowhere. This is not a rant against any genre, a good song is a good song. It doesn’t not matter what style it is.

It could most easily be a different band with this release. Perhaps with a different name this album could have found its audience but like this, it’s a slap to Aborym fans.

News flash dear mister Fabban; Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy and Ministry already exist and the tragedy is that even their B-sides have better songs then some of the bearable parts in this fucking album.

Anything “hostile” about this will be old Aborym fans if they come to an earshot with this nu metal turd.

Release date: February 12, 2021

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