Review: Agnostic Front “Get Loud!” [Nuclear Blast]

Review: Agnostic Front “Get Loud!” [Nuclear Blast]

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Fathers (or, maybe, grandfathers) of NYHC Agnostic Front have something to say about things that happen in their country and the whole world again. And they say it loud, fast, concisely and invitingly. Actually, these four words describe their new, 12-th album Get Loud! precisely.

We’ve always had a voice; had a lot to say. We’re always screaming for a change” says frontman Roger Miret. Speak up, get loud, say what you have to say. Be the change you want to see in the world. You can’t change the whole thing, but you can make little differences that will matter, eventually.

Get Loud! cover coincides with their second album Cause For Alarm (1986), both of them are Sean Taggart works.  That’s another way Agnostic Front points out their hardcore roots, without any will to step out of them and their principles.

The album opens with half-manifest, half-nostalgic “Spray Painted Walls”, which greatly shows what should fans expect from the record: fast-paced songs with heavy sound, hardcore riffs, smooth and robust drums and Roger Miret’s vocal. Well, “vocal”… Rather it’s a declamation, but still it’s angry and aggressive, though the band exists for 37 years and the steam could be blown away for a long time ago, but this did not happen.

As I said, Get Loud! is a very concise album: 14 tracks lasts for something like 30 minutes. Nevertheless, almost all the songs are raging protest or message. For example, short “Anti Social” or “Conquer And Divide”: these are fast, aggressive oldschool Hardcore songs where Roger spit out the words with a machine gun speed. Speak up, aren’t you sick of the same day to day routine? It’s time to make that change and stop climbing up that same exact wall. That’s what Get Loud! is all about.” says Mirret about an album.

One more act of nostalgia is the song “I Remember”, which starts from the line “I remember, Vinnie [Stigma], me and you”. It tells about the band’s past and early New York Hardcore Scene, at sources of which stood Agnostic Front. Actually, this work related to the Ian McFarland’s documentary “The Godfathers Of Hardcore”, though it was written after the movie was released.

In a word, the new Agnostic Front album is exactly the case when an old horse not only ploughs better furrows but also make it much better than younger ones. So the line “bring hate back to hardcore” can be applied to many, but hardly to Agnostic Front.

Get Loud was released on November, ninth via Nuclear Blast.



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