Review: Anubi’s Servants “Duat”

Review: Anubi’s Servants “Duat”

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Anubi’s Servants “Duat”

There’re no doubts that these guys are fascinated of Ancient Egypt and its mythology. And believe me that this fascination is really big and based on the knowledge. Anyhow, ANUBI’S SERVANTS comes from not so big (something like 36.000 inhabitants), but very old town in central Italy – Lanciano. It was found deeply in 12th century (1181) before Nazarene. The fact is that name of the city was Anxianum then.

By the way, band was born in 2012 thanx to Gianluca (bass) and Andrea (drums). But musical genre and even name was different these times. I mention only the name and I’m sure that the most of you will correctly guess genre of music which guys played. This name was: DISASTRO SOCIALE. Well, to be honest it was more project coz except few months Gianluca and Andrea were alone long time. Situation changed in September 2014 when guitarist Omar joined the band. With his coming genre of playing music changed to Thrash Metal. But they still were instrumental project. And here little quote from their biography: “In January 2015, in a totally unexpected way during a jam session, Omar grabbed the mic and started to put together some lyrics. From then on he joins the band on a permanent basis” – I guess Omar is Karim’s brother.

Then they started to work hard on creating music. The effect came after few months – October 31st independently released CD (called, hell knows why from point of view, EP) ‘Over the Afterlife’ was out. And this year came out just reviewing debut album. ‘Duat’ contains intro, outro and 10 songs. I didn’t read lyrics, but after songs’ tittles I suppose that we have with concept album to do here. Anyways, music is Thrash Metal as well. That’s why riffs are sharp and aggressive mostly. Karim plays variable enough and we’re able to listen to some calmer riffs or even something what we can classify as solos. I hear some touches, too. When it’s about drums then it’s in my opinion quite easy to notice what kind of music project played on its beginning (in some riffs I can also hear this). However, Andrea make really good job. Well, there’s nothing too complicated in that, but this is what Thrash Meta is also about. But that’s various enough. Bass runs nicely, too.

I noticed that guys two on two vocals where Omar’s one is leading one. Of course there is aggression, fury and so on in that! Anyways, conception is interesting and well done, I guess. Generally I can see fine, successful future of this band.  They seriously play since not a little more than 2,5 years and their first full-length is… Well, just listen to it and you’ll notice that I don’t exaggerate! These words are first of all to Thrashers, but not only!

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