Review: Ashen Epitaph “The Formed Filthy Enigma”

Review: Ashen Epitaph “The Formed Filthy Enigma”

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Ashen Epitaph “The Formed Filthy Enigma”
Grom Records

Ashen Epitaph is Serbian death metal band, formed in the City of Senta in 2003 under the name of Epitaph. After they realized there are too many bands under the same name, Epitaph turned to Ashen Epitaph after Benediction song.

EP “From Unnerground / Föld alól” was released in 2015 led to debut album “Somewhere Behind The Nervecell” (2008). “Sunshine Above The Grave” finally brought record deal. Album was released for Miner Recordings (2012). In 2014 Ashen Epitaph released EP “The Seasons Falling Into Nihility”. 15 years after the band was formed “The Formed Filthy Enigma”, 3ed full-length album was released (2017, Grom Records).

First of all: production stands out. Listening the album old(er) metal heads will recognize At the Gates and The Crown moments. Basically, we are talking about death metal, influenced by thrash and black metal.

The band has all: melody, dark atmosphere, old school spirit; lyrics are focused on anger, death and hate. Killer vocals (Attila Boros) and excellent blasting drumming (Attila Habram) put Ashen Epitaph on new, higher level. Of course, rest of the band (Stirc Mihajlo-bass and Norbert Gyõri-guitars) are high skilled musicians, and with the rest of the crew, they seem to be extremely compact.

I can not say they are original 100%, neither they are someone`s copy. Ashen Epitaph, it seems, used the best elements they could from their influences.

Named after Benediction song, the band has to be brutal. There is a future for Serbian metal!

Highlights: “Error in Evolution”, “Fog, Mud, Loneliness”.


  1. The Forming…
  2. Fog, Mud, Loneliness
  3. Stench of Life, Weight of Mind
  4. Mirrorgallery
  5. The Wounds
  6. Destroy All False Faith
  7. One More Nail
  8. Error in Evolution
  9. Race After the Finish
  10. Shadow of the Gray Sun

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