Review: Athon “Athon” [Argonauta Records]

Review: Athon “Athon” [Argonauta Records]

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Italy’s Athon impress with a stunning debut of their take on the stoner doom genre. Right out of the gate, you can tell this band is up to something good, and the ensuing forty minutes do little if anything to change your mind of that fact.

I like to listen to my review material sight unseen, so when the soft ambience of Kaleidoscope shifted quickly to an uproarious Orange Goblin style stoner jam, I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Heavier than expected but packed with impressive technicality, this is a perfect opener to offer up to the metal gods.

The mix of this album is just perfect for the genre, with a low range guitar attack that does not lose out on any of its crunch or clarity dominating the show. Solos flow like water, incorporating a sound that can shed light on classical stylings while easily serving as effect vehicles at the same time provide a lovely variety to the sound. Bass is given plenty of time to shine and ample mix space, though I do wish the volume was slightly higher. Drums are stunningly performed and produced with a hardcore style about them that drives the sound without overpowering it. I particularly enjoyed the under produced cymbal work which lends itself to the overall sound of the album.

Athon is certainly a group to look out for in the stoner doom genre. Mixing splendid mellow sections with full on hardcore assaults, sometimes at the same time, make this an ear catching musical journey for sure. Give it a listen and keep an ear out for more.

Release date: September 25th 2020

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