Review: ATOMWINTER “Catacombs”

Review: ATOMWINTER “Catacombs”

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ATOMWINTER “Catacombs”

Atomwinter formed in 2010 and Catacombs is their’ 3rd full length release. OSDM is the order of the day and these Germans know what they’re doing. Can you hum Entombed Left Hand Path in your head? Lovely, isn’t it? This release bursts with the same tones, pace and lead styles. If you’re a fan of Entombed then you’re gonna love Catacombs and this is no disapproval of Atomwinter, as it’s obvious that they’re going for the spirit of Left Hand Path. As LHP was an absolute genre defining album, it’s a good plan that will win them a lot of fans. Dare I say they’re doing a better job that Bloodbath whose very concept is to worship the ‘Swedish Sound’? Yes.

The production of Catacombs shines with all instruments finding their spot easily. Olle Holzschneider has a great voice and is clearly well seasoned, giving it his all with an ease that some vocalists just can’t pull off. Bennis’ guitar tone is capital P perfect and Patricks’ drums, precise in execution – pun intended. Martins’ bass guitar adds to the production and helps fill the frequency levels very well, surely helping immensely with the brutal sound. With proper, traditional breakdowns and some beautifully creepy leads, Atomwinter are super heavy, dark and OSDM as fuck! The Catacombs artwork pulls the album together in glorious monotone sickness and deserves its own mention. Flag worthy for sure.

Trollzorn Records have done a great job in releasing Atomwinter Catacombs and it’s available now on double gatefold LP, CD and digital release. Catacombs serves you with 10 tracks equalling 40 minutes and stand out tracks include… all of them, no shit. It’s worth checking out the Trollzorn label – They’ve even got T-shirts, bottle openers and Atomwinter patches! I’m buying their ‘Old School Death Metal’ T-shirt and I’ll wear it with pride.

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