Review: Avalanche “Second Hand Band”

Review: Avalanche “Second Hand Band”

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Australian hard rock band Avalanche is young and loud, but also it is promising and daringly audacious; for four years they were building their reputation, thanks to their vivacious and dirty live performances, as well as many singles and couple of EPs. Their latest EP Second Hand Band was released last May, combining old songs from their other releases with some new compositions. So here we are again, enjoying and headbanging to these 27 minutes of harsh, bustling and energetic hard rock. And even if you are not a fan of this traditional and unoriginal music, we must pay tribute to their dynamic and contagious vitality.

Hard rock nowadays often sounds like a joke or a parody of classic rock, awfully secondary and unimaginably hackneyed, so if you don’t have charismatic musicians, blazing vibrancy or godlike devotion to ubiquitous hard ‘n’ heavy, then you can forget about the big stage and just play your music (or classic hits, it doesn’t even matter) in your parents’ basement. Maybe theoretically heavy metal is dead, but still it interests a lot of people, and not everyone is satisfied with old records from their past or the past of their parents or even grandparents (yeah, HM is fucking old). And then such bands as Avalanche can prove their usefulness, because apart from unoriginal material, they have plenty of catching agility and boozy merriness. Absolutely genuine and terrifyingly funny – the qualities that so many bands with much more unique musical views simply lack; without doubt, the music of Avalanche is designed for cosy live venues.

This record sounds truly candid and rough, like something unpolished and untreated, but this crudity adds a special charm to the music, showing its big soul, but with *idon’tgiveadamn* vibes. And it’s pretty lovely and fun, this sincerity makes the material more animated and scruffy. And no wonder that a large portion of the melodies is inclined towards punk side, where roughness, ultimate frankness and controversial and even dangerous statements are the core of every punk band’s principles. And due to these punky elements, the silly jolliness marries the straightforward messiness, creating something between fiery blast of spontaneity and domestic atmosphere. But the main thing is – the band is having a lot of fun, and their festive mood is so clingy, that it can really open up a gap in constant nagging moodiness.

The songs are performed mainly in a fast or medium tempo, carrying ongoing frolicking spirit of rock ‘n’ roll with primitive melodies that revive the old traditions. Full of clichés and predictable moves, hailing back from the 1970s and 80s, Second Hand Band still offer us to take a pleasant and relaxing journey, when there are no time boundaries or stylistic rules. And you don’t even get it, these Australian musicians are one of those modern kids who can do everything and stay cool, or are they excruciatingly out of fashion and belong to the group of senile old farts? And here’s the point, they’ve managed to stay in those old times with nostalgic affection, projecting and transforming their musical ideas back to our times.

The main lines of “Spit in my Mouth” lead us straight to hardcore/punk domain, in a most primitive way. “Down in the Gutter”, jovial piece of rock ‘n’ roll sounds a little bit harsh, while “Get back (To Fuckwit City)” teases with some bluesy guitar solos. Self-titled “Second Hand Band” is an actual homage to the 1970s era with southern vibes and even country elements. Loud and erratic, dirty and smutty, Avalanche’s latest creation paves the way through the wild mess of distorted guitars, shrill voices and intoxicating melodies.

With this EP Avalanche make fun of themselves, emphasizing the name Second Hand Band without any regrets, yeah, we are here in the 21st century, and we proudly play this old fucking school hard rock without any desire for experimental flings and other attempts to highlight our originality. We are who we are, says their music, we are not another Aussie Airbourne, Rose Tattoo, let alone the inimitable AC/DC, and we admit it. So, with big respect for the best days of hard rock, nevertheless Avalanche lives right here right now.

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