Review: Baest “Necro Sapiens” [Century Media Records]

Review: Baest “Necro Sapiens” [Century Media Records]

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Here is a nice, gory, horror-themed death metal album. Expect a lot of heaviness, brutal themes and a lot of evil fun.

First, you have a strange, haunting intro called The Forge, made of ominous metallic clanging sounds, which sounds like something from a horror movie and also reminds me of a few legends about the Devil haunting a forge. This symbolizes a place where things are destroyed and where evil things are created. This is why it leads to tracks with titles like Genesis, Abattoir and Meathook Massacre or the delightfully gross Sea of Vomit.

Overall, the music could be described as good death metal, that manages to sound both threatening and fun. Some tracks like Genesis or Czar have a slower and heavier, vaguely creepy tone. However, the title track is faster and has an anthemic quality. It’s an anthem for the newly created evil zombies. Towers of Suffocation has faster and more complex speed metal-inspired riffs.

The vocals sound threatening enough, easy to understand, and always filled with a certain energy. The album in general has a great evil energy, some wild riffs and a lot of dark atmosphere. There are fun moments like Necro Sapiens, and some creepy moments like Abattoir and Czar, or creepy and fun moments like Meathook Massacre. And the album is pretty successful in being catchy when it aims to be, and sinister and ominous when they want to be.

It’s a pretty enjoyable album overall. I guess it’s been done before and some tracks don’t really stand out as much as some other. But overall, like I said, there are different types of songs here (slow and creepy, fast and evil), and some interesting ideas, like the metallic noises in The Forge or the percussions in the intro of Goregasm. Good moments on this album are pretty good. But the best thing about the album is that they’re having a lot of fun playing with their gory horror and dystopia-inspired death metal, and that fun is heavily contagious. If you want something gory and fun but well-made, this should satisfy your craving.

Release date: March 5th, 2021

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