Review: Benediction “Scriptures” [Nuclear Blast / Rough Trade]

Review: Benediction “Scriptures” [Nuclear Blast / Rough Trade]

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As soon as I heard this I was immediately taken back to the Benediction we have all come to love as I have really been trying to absorb this Album for this review. In fact it is so damn good I listened to it twice in a row recently back to back just letting it play and did not mind one single second of it.

The lyrics coming from these unique and stand out gruffing vocals make this so great! The musical production is top notch. The mastering is perfect and loud. So good in fact make sure your speakers can handle this if you have the stereo set to max.

Man, these riffs and drum beats together have your head bobbing the entire time. The precise guitar playing on here is excellent. I have heard this now at least 6 times and I cannot find a single bad thing to say about it. I can already see an entire slew of younger bands stealing all these killer ideas and trying to claim it as their own. Not meaning it in a bad way just this will influence headbangers all over the world. Benediction “Scriptures” is as great as anything this band has ever done over the past nearly 30 years. The heavy down picking guitar riffs mixed with heavy crust punk style influences from the beginning are all here. Nuclear Blast Records have just released yet another Death Metal Masterpiece. I am just going to end it with this because I can go on all day about this album. If you don’t know who this is you are missing out and if you do not own this album then you are missing out on something truly special in a world filled with mediocrity. Benediction absolutely receive my vote for best DM Album of 2020 and maybe the best Album in Years.

Release date: October 16th, 2020

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