Review: Bewitcher “Bewitcher”

Review: Bewitcher “Bewitcher”

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Bewitcher “Bewitcher”
Diabolic Might Records (LP) / Divebomb Records (CD)

This name connotes to me with two great bands with very similar one. But both are dead, even if it isn’t so clear in case of Swedish BEWITCHED. The fact is that their last work came out long eleven years ago.

Anyhow, BEWITCHER comes from the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon. Portland is a major port in the Willamette Valley region of the Pacific Northwest, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers and it has something like 640.000 residents. So in scale of whole United States this isn’t extremely huge city, but it doesn’t mean that musical scene over there is poor. This is even contrary and is about all kinds of music! It takes also Metal of course and it seems that Thrash Metal is what Metalheads in the city like very much. It’s enough to name two bands: legendary WEHRMACHT and TOXIC HOLOCAUST here.

Thrash Metal is also what our three American friends play. Actually this is more connected with Speed than Thrash, even if difference between these two kinds of Metal are quite subtle. Well, when you read rather complicated pseudonyms of musicians it’s as clear as day that Black Metal plays an important role for them. But influences of this style are very hardly hearable in music – at least in meaning of words Black Metal connote to the main part of Metalheads nowadays. I mean, I can hear some influences of English fathers of the genre.

Anyhow, riffs are aggressive, sharp and generally remind me some German Gods of Speed Metal (now they play a little other music, but it still kills and force you to at least headbanging). Unholy Weaver of Shadows and Incantations (Matt Litton) plays variously and you’re able to hear (rarely) something what we can call solos. But in general he runs rapidly forward what doesn’t mean that there’re no some slower parts. The same I can say about work of Diabolic Crusher of Hallowed Light. He drums aggressively, runs forward without unnecessary compromises and does it ballsy of course. But this isn’t mindless beating just for as fast as possible (in such music) beating! There’re some slower parts, use of cymbals and so on. Bass follows this track, but this is quite well hearable from time to time, too. Vocalizations are Matt’s domain. This is truth that it’s strongly connected with Speed Metal. You can also feel the same strong fascination of mentioned above English band from Newcastle in that.

Anyways, Matt and Andy (Mercil – Infernal Magus of Nocturnal Alchemy: bass) are musicians with big experience. This is especially about Matt whose first band Thrash metal CATHARSIS (1995 – 98). Andy also plays since beginning of 21st century in bands.

I’m sure that all fans of Thrash, Speed and very old-school Black Metal will just love debut full-length of BEWITCHER (earlier this, created in 2013 act, released three demos + compilation containing songs from them)! There’s nothing innovatory here, but who the fuck cares?!? This is real Metal and at least for me this is like time machine – I’m back in my teenage years again when I listen to ‘Bewitcher’.

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