Review: BOLIDO “Heavy Bombers”

Review: BOLIDO “Heavy Bombers”

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BOLIDO “Heavy Bombers”
Fighter Records

Directly from Chile, here comes an incendiary metal duo that truly masters the art of crafting the most traditional form of heavy music, dominating the skies and beyond with their second full-length album.

Do you know how to say “meteorite” in Spanish? Well, let me give you a hint. The same word has also been a synonym to the purest form of Heavy Metal you can think of since 2010, heavily inspired by the classic and epic sounding of icons such as Judas Priest, Manowar, Iron Maiden, Anvil, Jag Panzer, Saxon and many others. Hailing from Santiago, the capital of the Republic of Chile, one of the most amusing and elegant places not only in South America but all over the world, here comes an incendiary Heavy/Power Metal duo that goes by the name of Bólido (or “Bolido”, without the accent, if you want to simplify it), bringing to our ears their second full-length installment, a rip-roaring, metallic spectacle titled Heavy Bombers.

Formed by lead singer and guitarist Johnny Triviño and bassist Vic Deimos (as well as additional musicians to complete their live lineup), they started to write their own material and producing their first demos right after the band’s inception, self-releasing their debut album We Are Rock, in 2014, and also gaining a solid reputation in their native country thanks to their powerful live performances. And the future couldn’t look brighter for this flammable Chilean meteorite, with Heavy Bombers being at the same time a tribute to the past of classic metal and a guiding star in their short but already fantastic career in the world of underground music.

The sound of the wind invites the listener to the metallic world of Bólido in the electrifying tune The Absolute Dominion of the Skies, where not only Johnny and his Eric Adams-inspired vocals begin shredding the skies into pieces, but he’s also an ace on the guitar delivering sheer awesomeness, whereas Vic Deimos keeps shaking the earth with his solid bass lines. Never Ending Road brings forward pure 80’s Heavy Metal highly inspired by icons such as Manowar and Saxon, starting with those traditional riffs à la Ross the Boss accompanied by the fighting vocals by Johnny, all embraced by an epic vibe. In other words, it can’t get any more metal than this, with the overall sonority being nicely boosted by Johnny’s kick-ass guitar solo. And what can I say about War Machine? It’s an absolutely great name for a true metal composition, blending the mighty and potency of the music by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and so many other metal heroes. Furthermore, whoever recorded the drums loves traditional metal from the bottom of his (or her) heart, not to mention the fantastic performances by Johnny on vocals as well as the rumbling bass by Vic.

Leaning towards a more old school Hard Rock sonority the likes of Scorpions, but still exhaling Heavy and Power Metal, Rock n’ Roll Days is just perfect to sing along with Bólido during their live performances, being a superb ode to the golden years of that more metallic version of Rock N’ Roll; followed by the title-track Heavy Bombers, which will blow your speakers like a good old metal tune should always do, transpiring flawless metal from start to finish. Johnny is absolutely on fire with his straightforward cutting riffs and high-pitched vocal lines, and let me tell you that if this song was created in the 80’s it would have become an all-time classic without a shadow of a doubt. Marching-inspired beats and pounding bass lines create the perfect ambience for the blazing riffs by Johnny to shine in The Heroes, sounding more melodic than the rest of the album with both Johnny and Vic displaying all their dexterity with some intricate lines and solos, whereas Win Lose or Draw brings elements from Progressive Rock and Metal, an interesting variation from the band’s traditional sounding as if Manowar went Thin Lizzy, with highlights to its upbeat riffs and solos.

Then we’re treated to a smooth semi-acoustic intro to a pleasant power ballad titled Real Nature, where Johnny steals the spotlight with his inspired vocal performance, sounding once again more progressive than usual and presenting several breaks and variations to boost its flavor. And what can you expect from a song named Supersonic? It’s fast and furious Heavy Metal where Johnny has another fantastic performance on vocals and guitar, while Vic and his bass guitar are simply thunderous. This is a top-notch option for banging your head nonstop, raising your fists, slamming into the pit, having a beer with your friends or anything else that’s a synonym to true heavy music. In Revenge, thunder and lightning warn the listener that a metallic torment approaches, also inspired by the golden years of Manowar with the band’s own twist, not to mention how superb drums sound once again (can anyone let me know who recorded them, please?). It’s classic metal that will please any fan of the genre, showcasing a tremendous job done by Johnny on guitar. And the conclusion to the album returns to its opening track, being named The Absolute Dominion of the Skies (Reprise), a metal extravaganza that takes the word “climatic” to a whole new level of awesomeness.

This sensational meteorite of old school Heavy Metal is ready to rock your world through their Facebook and SoundCloud, and you can have a blast with the explosive music found in Heavy Bombers by listening to the full album on Spotify, and by purchasing it on iTunes, on Amazon, and pretty soon at other virtual and physical stores. Bólido not only have the absolute dominion of the skies, but with Heavy Bombers they also show how to master the art of crafting the most traditional and thrilling form of Heavy Metal without sounding cheesy or outdated. Quite the opposite, when the music by Bólido starts playing, the Gods of Metal surely smile in awe.

Best moments of the album: Never Ending Road, Rock n’ Roll Days, Heavy Bombers and Supersonic.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Track listing

  1. The Absolute Dominion of the Skies 7:51
  2. Never Ending Road 4:26
  3. War Machine 4:01
  4. Rock n’ Roll Days 4:10
  5. Heavy Bombers 5:49
  6. The Heroes 4:35
  7. Win Lose or Draw 4:07
  8. Real Nature 6:35
  9. Supersonic 6:09
  10. Revenge 4:31
  11. The Absolute Dominion of the Skies (Reprise) 2:12

Band members:
Johnny Triviño – vocals, guitars
Vic Deimos – bass


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