Review: BONEHUNTER “Sexual Panic Human Machine”

Review: BONEHUNTER “Sexual Panic Human Machine”

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BONEHUNTER “Sexual Panic Human Machine”
Hells Headbangers records

I’ve a few elaborate albums in my review pile, I also have some straightforward blasters too. And while this doesn’t quite fit into the latter, it is a (wonderfully crafted) heads down and headbang for Satan type affair.

And for Bonehunter, this is a major step forward. If you listen to the band from 4 years ago, you’d never expect their raw, badly produced blackened Punk could transform into the handsome beast it is today.

And I’m not saying the music on Sexual Panic Human Machine is watered down, but it’s much more pleasing on the ears than some of their past indiscretions.

Obviously the improved production helps… but maybe the band have just clicked into a higher gear… or maybe they can just play their instruments a bit better (who knows) but whatever the band have done to take them to this new level, it fucking works a treat.

While the band have a list of influences including the likes of Darkthrone, Bathory and Venom, it’s Motörhead who I’m reminded of most on this album. Electric Nightmare, in particular, could sit comfortably on any Motörhead album from 1979 to the early 2000’s.

But away from the Motörheadbanging, there’s a few blackened blasts and grooves which give Bonehunter their own identity… and that makes for a very intriguing sound.

Because one minute I’m just enjoying the straightforward blastfest and the next, I’m thinking that these guys can really fucking play.

So what initially seems like a like a few blobs of paint thrown randomly onto a canvas, actually turns out to be a work of art…

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