Review: BOOL “Fly With Me”

Review: BOOL “Fly With Me”

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BOOL “Fly With Me”
Boersma Records

Duisburg is well-known coz of its steel industry, large brewery König and (for football’s maniacs) MSV. But it has really long history – in the early Middle Ages it was a royal court of the Franks, first mentioned in writing in 883. But it seems that the city existed and the market-place was already in use in 1st century after Nazarene. And since at least 5th century it was very important trading place. There’s also located tenth largest German university in Duisburg, by the way.

In the city live something around a half million of people. So that’s clear as a day that music scene has something interesting to offer to fans of several genres. BOOL is representative of Rock and was found in International Workers’ Day 2007. The band has some releases (actually two demos, as I know), successful gigs and so on, of course. Here we have the full-length containing thirteen songs. Guys describe their creativity with term Rock Grunge Alternative and well… Maybe there’re some touches of Grunge, but in my opinion this is quite ordinary Rock. The most important instrument here is guitar – just like it should be in every kind of Rock music. It plays variable and often ballsy. Riffs are powerful – somehow you can hear energy even in songs like “Love is an Answer” which’s a ballad, the same like “Right or Wrong”. Drummer beats rather calmly – without radical changes of tempo. But it’s as various as guitar’s play.

In vocal I feel some Grunge manner of singing. Generally this is an album for people who like to listen to something what is calm, but with quite huge element of energy.

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