Review: CONDEMNED “His Divine Shadow”

Review: CONDEMNED “His Divine Shadow”

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CONDEMNED “His Divine Shadow”
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Since starting out in 2004, San Diego natives Condemned have released two full lengths and two more demos up to this point, and with the turning of a new year they are on the verge of releasing their third full length titled “His Divine Shadow”. These brutal death metal stalwarts pack in ten songs of utter destruction and blasphemy and once you press the play button you better be prepared for a face melting and flesh shredding listen. After a two minute ominous intro Condemned get straight into the fetid and foul meat of the record where they roll out barbaric track after barbaric track until the streets have run red with blood.

“His Divine Shadow” is a monster of an album that seems to be purely driven by the thirst for blood. From beginning to end you get deadly offering after deadly offering that get your headbanging right from the beginning all the way until the last gnarled note has sounded off. There are no breaks or interludes within this record-save for the intro-and the only “breathers” that you get are ominous outros and intros that are attached to a select few songs. And even those intros and outros are ominous and foreboding creating an atmosphere of fear and death. No matter which song you turn to you will always run into a wall of suffocating brutal death that is waiting around the previous song just to cut you down and dig you a shallow and damp grave.

“His Divine Shadow” is purely filthy and disgusting and as soon as you begin to listen you can smell the foul stench of death seeping right out from your speakers. This release is as barbaric, raw and brutal as they come and Condemned make that very well known as they hammer ten savage tracks straight into your brain. With blood curdling growls to complement the lobotomizing riffs, machine gun drumming and rumbling bass lines, you get a fully devastating and blood letting listen. From the musicianship to the great production you get a sound that is massive, monstrous and wholly unforgiving.

“His Divine Shadow” is putrid, headbanging and visceral goodness that just oozes death and destruction. Aiming for the jugular right off the bat, Condemned hit their mark with a truly pulverizing display of brutal death metal, and for nine straight songs, all that you can do is hope that you don’t leave the listen headless.

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