Review: Dark Sanctuary “Metal”

Review: Dark Sanctuary “Metal”

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Dark Sanctuary “Metal”
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Dark Sanctuary’s last studio album was 2009s self titled opus. Now before you get over-excited thinking they’ve recorded a new album, this is actually a collection of re-recordings of six of their older tracks, which, if I’ve read it correctly, were recorded between 2002 to 2005 and were compiled and mastered in 2009.

And since then, they’ve sat around covering dust.

What makes these tracks different from the originals, is that they’ve been given a bit of a Metal makeover, hence the album title of Metal.

There’s not a huge shift in sound, but opener Laissez-moi Mourir has gone from Neoclassical to Gothic Doom. Where as the original reminds me of Autumn Tears and Rain Fell Within (on the old Dark Symphonies label), the track now sounds like Paradise Lost, but with a female (soprano) vocalist.

Obviously the guitars are to the fore, and that really suits the sound of Dark Sanctuary.

Now, if you’re like me, the female fronted Metal scene ceased to be interesting many years ago. But because Dark Sanctuary were around 20 or so years ago and they are approaching this album from a slightly different direction, it works brilliantly and is thoroughly engaging throughout each of the songs.

And you don’t even need to know the original tracks to enjoy this. But a love for the older style of female fronted/Gothic/Neoclassical would most certainly help.

And it looks increasingly likely that this will be the bands swansong, eight years after that last did something… but you never know, if this album gets the attention it deserves, it might re-light the dark flame for them.

If it the final nail in the coffin, then it’s a superb way to bow out.

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