Review: DAUTHA “Den Förste”

Review: DAUTHA “Den Förste”

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DAUTHA “Den Förste”
Ván Records

Music maybe a way of life for most of us, but it’s also a business for many. So as Ván Records are releasing this EP on vinyl as well as cd, it must have something a bit special about it, surely?

Ola Blomkvist is the (main)man behind Dautha, he was also the main songwriter/lyricist/guitarist in the now defunct Griftegård. And his vision for Dautha draws upon European medieval history. Not the normal dragons and castles type affair. No, this is all about the hardships and the general crappy lives endured by many from that era. Wrap that up in some violin led Doom and you have a stunning introduction to your band.

Lars Palmqvist, also of Scar Symmetry, provides the voice that lifts this above the drudgery of the forlorn music, which is beautifully supported by the haunting violins provided by guest musician, Åsa Wärnberg. Mix those elements together and you’re presented something which will appeal to fans of both Candlemass and My Dying Bride in equal measures.

It’s such a fucker that there are only 15 minutes on offer here as I’d love to be immersed in this for an hour or more. Thankfully, I should get my wish soon enough as the band are due to begin work on their debut album in June.

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